Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sockin' it

I got surprising little time to knit while in Chicago. Between work activities and exploring, I was too beat by the time I got back to my hotel room.

In fact, the only time I got to knit was while at the airport and on the plane
But it was time enough to get through most of the cuff on Dave's second sock. Just a couple more stripes and I can start the heel.


Araignee said...

Traveling is hard work.
They're looking good even of they're not done yet.

Rachelle said...

At least you're over halfway there with the first sock being done.
I've been getting more done on my travel socks than normal of late, many appointments have resulted in me heading quickly towards the toe

Samantha said...

It looks good. I never find time to knit when I travel. I take it, but unless it's a really long car ride I usually can't make time.

Knatolee said...

I just love the colours in these socks They remind me of bees! :)