Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pattern release: Dorothy

Here's another pattern that's long overdue for its release
My sweet little Dorothy socks! The perfect, girly ankle sock.
The cuff is knit flat, blocked, then grafted together. From there, the rest of the sock stitches are picked up and it's knit from the top down.
I used natural, undyed Alley Cat for a simple, classic look ... but I'd love to see how these look in another colour. Maybe pink... or a soft, baby blue!

Like Corvin, the pattern is on sale for just $1 until Christmas! Don't miss out!


Araignee said...

They are spectacular!

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful! (and the shoes come with every sock order, right?!)

kathy b said...

WOW. WOw. WOW. They look perfect. I have such fat calves and piano legs mine would never look so cute. LOVE the shoes too.

Rachelle said...

I reckon they'd look amazing in a blue based red, fire engine red.