Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bad Bowree!

I said I wouldn't do it... and then I went and did it... I cast on another project
This is Dragon Scales
I thought it rather appropriate for my yarn.

It going pretty well though I've had to rip back a couple of times because I just wasn't paying attention. I can't wait until it's done and blocked.

We just had a wicked storm here (apparently it was worse in other parts of the province) and when it stopped I went in my kitchen and it was GLOWING.. I looked out the window and the sky was on fire!
It was much more magnificent in person, but this gives you an idea... no red, no yellow just pure ORANGE!

And before I leave... I'd like to pose a question... how lazy is your cat? I'm pretty sure I have the laziest cat going.

He doesn't even get up to eat!

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Rhonda said...

That's pretty lazy. I don't even think Duece is that lazy.