Sunday, December 23, 2007

Only two more sleeps...

Well, only two more nights till Christmas...
I'm pretty much ready and so are the cats.

Tux has checked out all the presents...

Peno is keeping warm by the fire (or would be if I had a fire place.. so she's settled for a warm lamp)

And Rocky has snuggled into bed, waiting for Santa.

All I have left is some baking... I was going to do it this weekend, but Dave didn't buy his gramma a present, so most of my weekend was spent making her this...

It's Coronet from Knitty
I made a few modifications to the shaping, knit it on two needles instead of dpns ( I hate dpns)and added the tassles.
I made it in Caron Simple Soft Shadows. Very nice and I like tthe subtle effect you get with the colour

I'm now working on this for the girlfriend of Dave's friend Chris.

I gotta say, while I love how it looks, I'm not love knitting it. It's VERY tedious. Thank goodness there are only five stitches to a row and you get a lot of length in just a few rows.
We are going to see them on New Year's so I don't have to super-rush to get it done.

Well Merry Christmas to all...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


While my entire house is my "studio" I do have an actual studio in just one room. It's a studio/library, housing all my art supplies, beads, wool and books.... lots and lots of books....
Usually, I work in my livingroom, bringing things down from the studio as I need them. But as my mother will tell you, I'm not very good at putting things back....
So, in truly Valerie fashion.. when I have to put something away to make the living room look tidy, I just shove it in the studio and shut the door.... the end result was this.....

while it's scary in itself... that doesn't relly bother me.. I still know where everthing is.... what got me to finally clean it up was this...

Yep... that's about $100 of pearls on the floor....
I knocked them over when I went looking for my licence renewal form. So when I got home today, I pulled out a large green garbage bag an went to it...
Surprisingly it didn't take too long.. about an hour and half.... the hardest part was picking up and sorting out all those pearls.... anyway, here's the end result...

Not bad... I still have some filing to do, but you can move without having to climb over everything.
Don't get too excited though because this will probably only last for a week or two....

In other news, Rocky got neutered this week. He was such a good boy to and from the vet and when he got home he was back to his normal evil self.
So lets have a moment of silence in memory for Rocky's naughty bits....

Monday, December 10, 2007

Meet the Wandering Cats

Wandering Cat Studio was named in loving memory of my cat Kobiashi
Sadly Kobiashi died in December 2004. I named th studio after him because his antics and cattitude were a great inspiration.

While Kobi may be gone, I have these three monsters to provide inspiration now:

Rockster Weewiggles (Rocky)

Rocky is the newest addition to the studio. He came to take over the house hold in late July. He was a barn cat at my Granparents, the only one of his litter to survive. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad is all I have to say.

Princess Jalapeno Shybaby (Peno)
Peno is very much a little princess. She minces around with delicate little steps, and stares at you with that imperious stare when you're not paying enough attention to her. Peno was a feral cat, live trapped when she was about six months old. She spent three years at the rescue where I adopted her from because she was so scared, no one got a chance to see her to adopt her. When I brought her home she spent the first three weeks under my bed.... she's now out constantly, except when I have company... then it's back under the bed. Unless it's Dave. She loves Dave.

Sir Tuxedo Thunderpaws (Tux)
Tux rules the roost - though Rocky is giving him a run for his money. Tux came from the same rescue as Peno (The pair were my housewarming gift from my mom) and he is my snuggly boy. Tux likes to sleep on my head, but it's okay because he has the best purr andit lulls me to sleep. Sometimes he likes to hog the bed, but that's okay too because he keeps it warm. This cat is the very definition of Cattitude.

So, on to progress....

This is a necklace and earring set I made for my Editor for Christmas. It's made with peacock fresh water pearls. Nneka is a very fashionable woman, and she can carry off very bold looks, so I think this will suit her well.

Here is some progess on the feather and fan afghan.. Tux approves

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A fresh start


I've started anew blog for two reasons - fresh start and when I get website up and running for the studio, I want it to be easy to jump to the block and keep the addresses similar (ie instead of

Anyway, here I am, back at it again but with internet at home, so easy to post.

I'm going to use this to show you all that's going on in my studio, no matter what form it has taken.

So here's what I'm working on:

My friend Bree and I are planning on being vendors at this year's faerie fest in Guelph, so I've got a tonne of ideas rolling around in my head for ferie tiaras, sculptures and pictures, and then of course there is my costume. Will post pics as soon as some of the ideas come out of my head and actually get made.

On the needles
*Sweater for Dave (1/2 of back and sleeves left to do)
*Sweater for Me (Sleeves left)
*Sweater for Ethan (1 sleeve left)
*Feather and Fan afghan (about 6 inches done)
*My own design, temporarily called "Eliza" (Pattern for sleeve written, must be knit. Have frogged four other sleeves)

I'm also working on two fantasy novels.. don't know which will be done first.. if ever...

Anyway, hepfully I'll have some progess adn pics up for you soon.