Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring cleaning...

... but not that kind. Nope.. This month I am making the commitment to clean out my WIPs.

I currently have seven projects on the go:

1) The Loop
It's on hold for a bit though. I ran out of the Boboli Lace 60 stitches before the end. Thankfully carries it (and in the right colour) because I won't be going back to Chicago in the forseeable future. My order should arrive in a week or two and it will be nothing to get it finished by the end of the month.

2) Dave's socks
I'm on the heel of the second sock, so there should be no problem finishing these before the month is through.

3) Cats and Butterflies
My coworker's baby is two months old now, so I need to get a move on this one. I keep meaning to chart the rest of the pattern to make it easier to follow.

4) Cygnet
Nora's Daddy still hasn't gotten me her measurements, but I think I'm on the right track (if anything, it's too big and she can grow into it). Her birthday is on the 14th, so it would be nice to get it done for then.

5) Old Town
Just one sleeve to go... if only I actually wanted to finish it...

6) Eyrie
A shawl design I started a long time ago. I was hoping to release it along with Highgarden (which will be released soon.) There's not enough time to get it done, tested and released, but it would be nice just to get it done!

7) Twyla (Rainbow version)
As soon as I ran out of yarn on the cowl, I picked this up again. It shouldn't take too long to get it off the needles.
I'm almost done the seed-stitch, then it's just a few inches of ribbing (on 2/3 the number of stitches). It will go nicely with my gloves. And I'm going to whip up a matching cowl on Mom's sock machine... because it's not like winter is going to be done any time soon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Surprisingly green thumb

Since I can't get out in my gardens yet, I'm trying to enjoy the small bit of greenery I've got inside.

The orchids seem to be doing well, but there's no new blooms stems yet. My poor Lemon fern died, but look what else is still going strong...
Yep - that's the Poinsettia I bought before Christmas. It's not as robust as it was when I bought it - but it's still nice and green. I've never kept an Poinsettia alive past Christmas.. and I wasn't even really trying with this one. But it was on the table with all the other plants, so it got a drink at the same time. I wonder if I can keep her alive until next Christmas... I guess I'll have to name her too.

And I'm still at work, trying to conjure up spring. (We are getting more snow as we speak)
 Another trip to the grocery store saw these pretty little purple crocuses come home with me.  Like the daffodils, they are potted, so the bulbs will go in the garden. It will be nice seeing those little purple flowers peeking up through the snow next spring.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Peno's got a brand new friend

There's still too much snow, so I can't get to the feeder. Instead, I've just been tossing the seed on the snow mound right outside the back door. Peno loves it. She's got an up close and personal look at the birds.
... and she's gotten quite stealthy about it. But Sunday morning, she didn't need any stealth.
Mr. Squirrel knew there was no way she was getting through that glass. (Pardon the filthy window.. it's all cat nose prints....)
They checked each other out for quite a while before Mr. Squirrel decided it was safe enough to have a little snack.
The pair of them are going to be quite disappointed when the snow finally melts.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wrapping it up (or trying to)

While it may not seem like it lately, this is actually a knitting blog. And there has been knitting...
...albeit, not a much as I'd like. The Chicago cowl is growing, though not as quickly as I'd like. There hasn't been a tonne of time for knitting. What little time there as been, I've filled with other things like Candy Crush and getting a jump on spring cleaning.

While my main living space is a lot tidier now...
... the poor cowl has been languishing.

I was hoping to finish it up last night, and was even planning on staying up late to do it. But I kept dropping stitches. And when I realized I'd worked and entire row as half knit, half purl (it was suppose to be all knit), I decided it was time to pack it in and call it a night.
So today will be spent tinking back that row and (hopefully) finishing her up. That is if I don't run out of yarn....
... which is looking quite probably at this moment. Good thing has a free shipping sale on right now!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Conjuring spring

I'm trying with all my might to entice Mother Nature to take pity on us. I stopped in at Michael's after work last night and they were having a sale on all their floral stems.
I bought up a few things for a spring door hanger. 
This one was really easy to put together. Just a little floral foam in the bottom to hold the hydrangea stems. Wee birdie just clips right on.

Add a bow and hang on the door.

I did splurge a little on the container (though it was on sale too). But it makes new decorations much easier - just swap out the flowers and bring on a new season!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Release the kraken!

The Iron Dyers are starting to unveil their February yarns, so I can finally show you the beauties we dyed up based on this picture
I did mine on Twinkle Cat (because it's sparkly under the sea... don'tcha know!)
A crazy multi called "Tentacular"

Mom decided to go for a gradient this time, on Barn Cat
She did a big shawl cakes, and a couple smaller ones for socks and called hers "Kraken"

We are just waiting for the prize winners to choose which ones they want, and then the rest will go in the shop. Keep your eyes peeled!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Return of the Bun!

Look who showed up last night...
(Sorrt about the crappy picture quality - it was through the door and in the dark). Yes... Bunbun is back. I've seen signs of him the last couple of months (and by signs, I of course mean copious amounts of bunny poo) but not the actual bun himself.
But last night, Rocky was mewling behind the curtains so I had to go see what was up. You can see he's got his winter coat on - much more grey than his summer brown.
And extra fluffy! Now if only that giant snowpile he standing on would melt, we could all go out and play together!