Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pattern Release: Fairies wear boots

Thanks to our little day trip, and Mom's fantastic photo skills, I can finally release my boot topper pattern!
I give you: Fairies Wear Boots!
They use a little more than half a skein of sock yarn (in this case Twisted Top Cat) and are a fun way to dress up a plain boot.
Lace and cables keep the knitting interesting and a ribbed sleeve keeps keeps the cuff firmly in place.

If you'd like to make your own pair - the pattern is on sale for just $1 until May 1st!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sheepy seduction

When Mom came by on the weekend she handed me her latest spin.
I've mentioned before that she's a bit of a perfectionist. It tends to work out in my favour, so I won't complain. In this case, she felt her spinning was too uneven. Or as she said "It's all thick and thin..."
 I don't know about you.... but I can't really see a problem....
And just look at those colours! Purple and blue, brown and gold with a touch of green and every shade in between. There's 550 yards of this 100 merino. If I pair it with a solid sock yarn for the ribbing, I should be able to get a short sleeve version of my favourite cropped cardigan.

I'm so bored with all my current projects, it's taking all I have not to cake it up and cast on right away.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Baa, baa white sheep...

Have you any socks?
Yessir, yessir - one sock done!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Garden gaeity

Sunday was beautiful and I spent almost all of it outside... and have the sunburn to prove it! But the little pain will be worth it when things start blooming
These three pots con
And Ranunculus (or Persian Buttercup).

These bulbs all came from the dollar store. They are in pots (also from the dollar store) because they won't survive the winter here. But if I pull the bulbs in the fall I can store them until next year.

In the new garden I added a couple Pink Star Gazer Lilies
As well as some black Lilies. The black Lilies were bought on a recent trip to Home Depot. It was the last bag and they were already sprouting, so I put them in the ground right away. They've only been in there for a few days, but one of them is definitely and over achiever!
It's already got buds!

I also tossed in a handful of Anemones.

In the Butterfly garden, I pulled up the dead Milkweed (it just wasn't coming back)
In it's place, I planted some mixed Crocosmia bulbs.

So while I wait for all that... I'm enjoying my red Columbine
 And the prettiest little Bleeding Heart!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A spring day out

Mom and I had a little play date yesterday. I needed some photos taken, and she knew the perfect little spot - a park by a river that just happens to be near a quilt shop...
The Quilt Junction - a beautiful little shop inside and old train station
I managed to refrain from buying anything (though I did drop almost $100 online at Old Navy first thing in the morning...), but I helped Mom fill her shopping basket.
Right down there street there's also a couple antique markets. There I found the perfect little cat basket, but I'll save pictures for a Friday Felines post.

And as for those pictures we were taking... I can't show them all yet...
 But here's a little sneak peak

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Winter Sow Success

It's still too early to put any of them in the ground, but I think we can safely call the winter sow experiment a success.

Despite a few wind storms, and the lawn maintenance boys intentionally aiming a leaf blower at them.... everything its doing pretty well.

The clear winner are the Mammoth sunflowers
Soon that one sprout is going to get too tall for the jug and I'm going to have to set it free.
The Indian Blanket sunflowers aren't nearly as big, but they are nice and healthy.
Same with the Teddy Bear sunflowers (though they are squished to one side thanks to lawn maintenance blowing their jug across the yard.)
The Lupins are starting to look like Lupins with their signature five-leafed shape emerging.
The Holly Hocks are doing well. I'm really curious to what colours I will get (package was mixed).
Early or not, I am going to have to transfer the Butterfly Mix soon. It's running out of room. I'm thinking it will go into a large pot until I can sort out what plants are in there.
The poor Iceland Poppies took the brunt of the leaf-blower incident, but I think they will survive. I'm going to try to spread them out in their jug a bit (they are all to one side), but it will be tough because they are still so small and delicate

The only ones that weren't a success were the Chives and the Sweet Peas. Both were a gamble because winter sow method is really meant for perennials. I still have half a package of both left; the Chives will probably be tossed directly in one of the gardens once the threat of frost has passed, and I'll try the Sweet Peas in a pot again (I can get them grow, just not bloom), otherwise, Bunbun just eats them

Finally a tulip!!! I think my tulip problem is not enough sun (this one is right on the edge of the garden so it gets a little more than the rest). Later in the summer, I'm going to dig up all the bulbs, and either dig a new garden, or put them in the back gardens. I really miss that spring colour.
The weather has cooled off a bit , but it hasn't slowed the Bleeding Hearts which are just beginning to emerge.
And the raspberries have really  leafed out. Boy am I glad I tidied them up when I did. I have a few stray sprouts to pull (raspberries spread like wildfire if you let them), but they are miles better than they were last year.

What's the garden like where you live?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Felines

While she has a constant running fountain of cool, filtred water... Peno is just one of those cats who would rather lick condensation from the windows...
or drink from the plant...