Thursday, September 21, 2017

Guilty again...

You know how I said I felt less guilty about buying more fabric because I'd finished Corvin's quilt...

(Cue intense music)
This box showed  up on my doorstep the other day...

Okay. It didn't just magically show up... I knew it was coming. If you don't know about MSQC, check them out. They offer up a new daily deal each day - usually a Layer Cake or Jelly Roll for around half price. The other week there was a Layer Cake (Pack of 10" squares) on sale that was just perfect for Mom. Her birthday is right around the corner so I snagged it. (turns out it was too perfect... she saw the daily deal too, and bought it for herself. But you can never have too much fabric, right???)

Since its flat rate shipping, I decided to add in a couple charm packs for myself... you know - just to make the shipping cost worth it!
I don't feel guilty about this pack. It's full of scotty dogs and plaid which will become placemats for Dave's grandma for Christmas.
I do feel a little guilty about this one. It's going to be a second quilt for the bedroom. But I absolutely HAVE to finish the bear paws first - as it's for the bedroom too.
This one I feel terribly guilty about. I have no plan for it. The colours don't match anything in my decor. But ...BEES.... MONARCHS!!!! I just had to have it.

To assuage my guilt, I decided I better get moving on my other QotGs. I spent part of the weekend cutting the plain squares for the bear paws, and the sashing pieces for the pinwheels, so no time like the present to sew.

I decided to tackle the pinwheels first. It's a lap quilt for the livingroom so it's much smaller than the queen-sized bear paws. With the help of my snoopervisor
I managed to get about 1/3 of it together.
I'm so pleased with the chocolate brown I picked out for the sashing. It was tough deciding on a colour to go with these. The corner stones area a greenish-beige I picked up in a remnant bin. I planned to add them to the paws, but they work quite nicely with this. Originally I planned to do plain brown squares in between each pinwheel, but some quick calculations determined that would make it too big.

I don't have a backing picked out yet, but I was eyeing up my stash, and I actually have a chunk of pink and brown flannel that may work if it's big enough. I think a flannel back will make it nice and snuggly!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Half Cascaded

With the fair stuff off my plate, it was nice to get back to Cascading Leaves and Dee's fall KAL.
 The first sock is done and I've got the second one started.
 I'm really enjoying this pattern. It's easy to memorize, fun to knit and feels like it's going pretty fast. I love the texture and look of the lace. I was a little worried it was going to be too big. I usually knit my lace socks over 60 stitches on 2.25mm needles so they are nice and snug. This one is 64 stitches over 2.5mm, and it feels really stretchy. But I put it on and it's almost perfect. I probably should have gone down on the needle size, but its not make or break.
I am loving all the colour in this pair too. It's really making me itch to get down to the dye studio again....

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

FO: Corvin's quilt

Little Corvin was here the other day...
He's almost a year old with a birthday coming up in November. So I'm pleased to say...
His quilt is done in plenty of time! Okay... really, it was suppose to be a present for his birth... but luckily babies don't outgrow quilts as quickly as they do sweaters. I collected fabric from a couple different sources to pull together a guitar/music/pawprint/colourful theme.
I was able to get a full yard of the red chevron fabric in the remnant bin at Lens, and it was the perfect amount for backing and binding. Mom did all the hard work of sandwiching and quilting for me, but I finished off the binding (Though she folded and ironed it all down for me, because I'm spoiled!)

And now that I actually have one completed quilt, I don't feel quite so guilty about buying all those batiks....

Monday, September 18, 2017


Finally... with the finish of a pair of mitts to match my Hooter hat...
My fair projects are done. I still have today and tomorrow left (entries have to be delivered Wednesday afternoon), so I could probably squeak out a dishcloth and maybe a toddler hat/mitt set. But I don't want to. I've never been a fan of knitting mitts (don't ask why.. I just don't find them exciting enough), and knowing that I had to knit this pair if I wanted to enter the hat made me hate it more.

I am still excited for the fair, but I want to get back to my socks and my cardigan and other fun fall knits!

If you want the Hooter hat pattern - it's on for 25% off until the end of December (as part of the Cecil fundraiser) 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday stash

I really shouldn't be buying more fabric, but Lens had a fantastic sale on batiks this week - just $10 a yard. If you didn't already know... batiks are my favourite.

The batik quilt I've got on the go isn't for me, and I just couldn't resist the thought of having one of my own... eight quarter yard cuts came home with me. I'm not sure what pattern I'm going to do yet, though I'm thinking something like this.
 (You know I love those HSTs!

Of course... all decisions and cutting have to wait until I at least get one other quilt top done. I've got all the fabric for my bear paws now, so I'm thinking that will be it.... but first I've got to deal with the fair knitting...(note to self: I really HATE knitting mittens)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cecil update

As mentioned, Cecil came home mid-week. Samantha says he's doing very well, though he's not happy about being confined to his crate for the next few days (he is allowed supervised excursions for snuggles - just no roughhousing or regular kitten antics)
When he first went in, they thought it was just a sponge he'd eaten, and the enemas should have been enough to clear all that out. But the xray showed a mystery mass, and he was rapidly declining, hence the surgery.
This is the poor boy's battle scar - though Sam says it's healing nicely.
And this is what the problem was - a piece of hard, clear plastic about the size of a quarter. We have no idea where is came from or what possessed Cecil to eat it! But it definitely wasn't coming out with an enema. Surgery was the only option.
Spending money like that on a pet is always a difficult decision and I couldn't have faulted her if they'd decided to go the other way.

She sent me the picture this picture the other day...
With the caption "I think we made the right decision"

I couldn't agree more.

Though there is still a long way to go to cover his bill, so don't forget - my patterns are still on sale until the end of September:
Pattern listing here:

And if you don't need pattern but can still help:
GoFundMe here:

Please spread the word. And thank you! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Felines

When I brought Rupert home, I called him my little sofa lion...

I think it would have been more appropriate to call him my little garden lion...
 Isn't he just so majestic?