Saturday, October 22, 2016

Going My Way....

.... is still going

It's my travel project, and for the longest time, I'd been forgetting to take it when  I went anywhere.

But after I got Maeve finished, I did a proper accounting and organization of the WIPs. Everything got put in it's project bag. And  GMW's bag is handy for me to grab on the way out the door.

As a result, she's gotten a few rows added on her over the last week or two - mostly over lunch at work. But every row counts.

I'm still quite a ways from being done. I plan to knit this one until the yarn runs out. And there's still a lot of yarn left.

But those stitches add up!

Just keep knitting, just keep knitting, just keep knitting....

Friday, October 21, 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016


As mentioned in a previous post, part of my garden chores was to get the indoor plants back into the house before the frost hit.

This really wouldn't be a big issue, except we are short on indoor space with enough light.... and I might have doubled the amount of house plants we had this year. Dave made more than enough snarky comments about the "jungle" last year... I was really worried about how the main floor was going to look after I got everything inside.

Luckily, I was able to sneak my plant stand in the space between the fish tank and Grandma's table.
And as you can see... Rocky is front and centre. His rose bush didn't do well, do I got him a nice Philodendron instead.
I think it suits his personality.

And look....
Mom was right about putting the Christmas Cactus outside to get it to bloom!
The Cronton appears to have enjoyed it's time outside too. I didn't know they bloomed! It's found a home on the floor in the kitchen beside the snake plant.

I recently got moved to an office with a window at work, so I took the few remaining orchids I had there....
... which left room on Grandma's table for the Stephanotis, Corn Plant, and a few clippings I have rooting.

The Passion Flower didn't bloom this summer

But it grew enough that I had to re-pot it. I reused the pot and trellis from the pear tomato I bought this summer. It should be able to live there for a good while before it outgrows it.

The big worry was the Hibiscus. You haven't seen much of it, because over the winter, it got a horrible white fly infestation.  I almost lost it, but it spent all summer recuperating and despite not blooming yet, it's doing really well.

However, over the summer, Sam's Mom gave me a 60-year old Jade tree. It spent the summer occupying the Hibiscus' winter spot at the back door. Both trees need the sun, and we're severly limited on spaces big enough with enough sun.
Thankfully I was able to squeeze them in together!

And Dave has barely made a peep about it all..... yet!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Little lacy bits

With Maeve off the needles, I decided to behave and focus on my WIPs instead of casting on something new.

Hallowe'en is inching closer, so I've got to get the second costume sock done. Over the weekend, I was able to whip through the cuff pretty quick.
Once it was done, I had to let it block out for a day or two before continuing on. So I turned my attention to the Lace Tunic.
Isn't this a blast from the past? This is the lace tunic I started back in January. I got the front an back finished, but as the weather started to get hot, I set it aside. I'm knitting it to wear with my leggings and boots, so there just wasn't enough drive to work on it. All that's left is the sleeves, so if I keep at it, it won't take me too long to get this one finished.

There's also the boot toppers
Though admittedly, this project isn't as pressing as it was. I tried on the boots again, so I was able to get the zippers done up all the way. It's great, because it means I've lost a little bit of weight, but it means the toppers can be move to the back-burner while I finish up more pressing projects.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The only real problem with not having last week off is it's the week I usually use to prepare my gardens for winter. I have a serious back issue, so as much as I like to be out in the dirt,  I have to break large jobs - like mulch and weeding - up into mini-sessions.

Friday, I was able to get all the indoor plants back inside before the chance of frost. (More on that on another day).

Sunday, I carved out some time in the morning to attend to the Little Bee and Butterfly Gardens. They were the two gardens that got the most in terms of new additions, so even if I can't get to all the gardens,  I wanted to make sure the new additions were well-prepared for winter. So under the watchful eye of the rookie garden supervisor...
I set to work. I also had some more planting to do. One of the plants I ordered from Breck's didn't grow, so they offered me something else. I chose some Aliums.
I got 30 bulbs of the "Eye Candy" mixture. Here's hoping the squirrels don't find them all and at least some make it through. I also tossed a handful of grape hyacinth bulbs in the front garden too, while I was at it.

I don't generally do a lot of trimming until after the frost hits, but I had to get a few of them under control before I got the mulch down. The Lavender was crowding out the Poppies, the Bleeding Heart was in danger of running over the Sweet William, and the Blanket Flower....
... was working on taking over the whole Little Bee garden. IYou can see it pushing over the Crimson Glory Rose. I didn't realize until it was too late, but it completely shadowed the Double Bloom Susan, killing it. It was getting perilously close to the Delphiniums, so it was time to trim it back.
Past time apparently! Look how far it's grown out from the original stalks. Once all the trimming was done I laid down the mulch, bulking it up around the base of each plant.
The Little Bee garden is nice and clean, and everything can get the last bit of sun to root deep before the frost hits hard.
The butterfly garden looks nice and tidy now... and still so lush and green. It's hard to believe winter is on its way.

Monday, October 17, 2016


It was 14 years ago today that I first met Dave. We connected through online dating, and we're actually suppose to meet up the weekend before. But the day came for our first date, and I sat there waiting and waiting for his call. We lived in separate cities and he was suppose to call me when he left, because we were meeting at a halfway point.

I waited... and waited... but no call.

I finally gave in and called him. There was no answer, so I left a polite, but firm, "thanks, have a nice life," message. A few hours later,  I got an email. He'd left his cell in his friend's car (they were out the night before). The friend was now miles away visiting family. And the cell was the only place he'd stored my number. He'd driven down to our meeting place, hoping I might have gone there without waiting for his call, and hoping he might recognize me from my pictures.

He apologized, said he totally understood if I never wanted to talk to him again... but he'd love a chance to make it up to me.

I admit... having had a few previous disappointing interactions with others before I met him,  I was skeptical. But he had such pretty long hair, such a nice voice.... and he did say he liked cats! So he got a second chance.
Most days I don't even regret it!

Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The best friends have kittens

Normally, at this time of year, I'm on vacation from work. Unfortunately, my vacation has been postponed a few weeks because my coworker who covers for me is still off on mat-leave (which is just fine because I'm not finished her baby quilt yet!). But I still had to carve out some time for a favourite  fall tradition
Visiting my bestest friend (and her lovely family, of course). And doesn't she look great in the Alley Cat cardi. If you didn't know any better, you'd think I'd knit it for her in the first place.

I also spent a lot of time acquainting myself with their newest addition...
 Ruby... the Sunbeam Queen.

And  of course, the beautiful Miss Ezra
But now I've come home smelling of strange cats, so I've got to make it up to a certain someone...

"She left me alone allllllllllllllllllllll day..."