Monday, February 8, 2016


Poor Tux.

He had a bad night the other night. A very bad night. So bad, I was pretty sure that we'd be making a final trip to the vet on the weekend. Dave convinced me to wait a bit more and see what happened. He seemed to bounce back the next moring, but we both spent most of the weekend recovering on the couch.
He's snuggled in between my legs here (my feet are at his head). We're going to keep a very close eye on him, but hopefully, we're okay for now.
This has to be the hardest part of pet ownership... knowing when its the right time to say good-bye.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The countdown is on

The plague is finally abating. While I was couch-bound for most of it, I didn't have the energy for much knitting.

In fact, it took me several days to finish what should have only been a couple...
One half of a pair of fingerless gloves to go with Dave's  Valentines hat. I've wanted to make him a pair of fingerless for a very long time. He always complains about having cold hands when driving in the winter, but refuses to  wear gloves  (I've bought him a couple nice pairs of leather ones) because they change his grip on the steering wheel and he doesn't like that.

Fingerless should be an ideal compromise... and there's really no good reason that I haven't knit a pair before now.

Obviously, they are little big on my bony hands, but they should be just perfect for his piano fingers. (Another bonus - he can play his guitar outside in the winter!)

Now I've just got to finish the second one before next Sunday.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spring Fling

Our temps have dipped again, and I'm still fighting this horrible bug. But in between coughing fits... just like Rocky, I'm now dreaming of spring.

And it's all Old Navy's fault. Yep. They've brought back my favourite dress in a host of new prints. As you read this, Mr. Postman is working on bringing these three to my door step.
Pink... and Paisley... what's not to love? I absolutely love soft peachy pinks, but for some reason, never seem to have one in my dress collection.... well no longer!
 Warm gold.... and you know just what shoes I'm going to wear this with, right?
Purple and gold... bold but beautiful. (and also perfect with those sandals!)

And of course, new dresses has me thinking about new cardigans I can knit... so how about
Honeybee. (This one has been in and out of my queue several times)
Medallion. ( I think this may go on the needles verrrrrrrrrrry soon)
Or maybe Grisaille.... (too many choices!)

Now what did that darn rodent say again?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

FO: The most boring hat in the world

First, thankyou for the well-wishes. I'm still struggling with what I now suspect is the flu, but I'll be fine after lots of rest and cat snuggles.

And... it's given my time to clear out a WIP
 Yup... Dave's hat is done. And while it looks seriously large on Roxy's wee head, it should be just perfect for Dave's giant noggin.
It seriously is the most boring hat in the world. But that's the way he likes them. It was hard to resist just throwing a deathflake or two on there. Only knowing that he'd never wear it kept me from searching the stash for some contrasting yarn.
Just a simple X decrease for the cap. I used some of the Regia 6-Ply tweed leftover from Sandpoint. I have enough leftover to make some matching fingerless gloves.... now I just need to find the motivation.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


This is how my day looks...
Yes, my thermometer is a penguin... what of it?
I appear to have contracted some sort of plague. And in between naps and near-constant nose blowing and coughing, I'm trying to get Dave's hat done.

Except I had to take one small break... because Rocky is absolutely sure Spring has arrived..
He might not be entirely wrong. It's currently 12 C (53 F), and he just had to celebrate by plonking himself under his favourite rose bush.

While he sat, and basically did nothing, Tux and I filled the bird-feeder and surveyed the yard
While the extremely mild winter is a bit disconcerting to my Canadian sensibilities, it does mean one good thing; I don't have to worry too much about losing any of my roses (or other plants) to the cold.

Everything is looking pretty good out there. If I was feeling better, I would have even done a little clean up. Tux was a good help though. He thoroughly inspected the Fox Glove
Then promptly peed on it...
And Rocky, sensing that I was about to bring them back inside, went into stealth mode...
"You can't see me! I get to stay outside!"

Of course, stealth mode is no match for a shaking treat bag... and we're all back on the couch where we belong.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lovin' the lace

I'm lovin' the lace again
As you can see- I'm just motoring on my lace tunic. The fancy edging is done, and I'm onto the mindless** lace of the body.

Please don't point out the fact that I just recently said I don't like to knit rectangles, and this tunic is pretty much made up of  four over-sized rectangles... I'm on a roll. I actually had to tear myself away from it to take some time to work on Dave's Valentine's hat!

**mindless in that it's a simple eight row (and four of them are purl only) repeat that is easy to read as you're knitting.