Monday, May 21, 2018

FO: Pooh Rag

Okay, that's probably not the nicest name for a quilt, but it's accurate so it's the name it's getting.
 It's a rag quilt, and it's covered in Pooh
And some Tigger too.

This little quilt was put together from a kit Mom had kicking around. She asked if I would like to put it together, and it should have been quick easy project. It was fairly quick - just a couple hours, but it was anything but easy. Whoever cut the squares for the kit must have been drunk. Hald of them were crooked, and very few of them were the same size. It also came with pre-clipped edges (needed for the fraying), and they kept getting caught on the foot of the machine. It makes much more sense to clip after it's all sewn together. But I persevered.
The "chenille" between the squares is created by the raw edges, and it gets fluffier and fluffier as the blanket is washed and loved.

This one will be packed off to Natalie at Bee Meadow Farm for her annual silent auction.
That is, if Relic will let me get it packed into a box...

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Long arm of the quilt law

I started my vacation a little early on Friday, and Mom and I headed off to Burlington early in the afternoon. She was on a mission and our destination was The Quilt Store West.

She wanted to play with and price up one of these... 

For those of you who aren't quilters, that's a compact long-arm quilting machine. It makes doing all those beautiful whirls and swirls on the quilt so much easier.

And Mom was thrilled to learn it was on sale. It didn't take her long to decide it was exactly what she wanted. So it should arrive in a couple weeks.

I guess we're really committed to this quilting thing now...

While we were there, I grabbed a couple wash-out fabric markes (mine exploded went I went to use it the other day), and a few fat quarters they had in a bin by the cash.
The batiks wil go with some other batik fat quarters I've been squirreling away. And the little turquoise piece is so I can finally do something with the piggy square Mangofeet gifted me ages ago.

And when we arrived home, there was a package in my mailbox, just bursting with fabric! I'd ordered these two for a special project you'll see soon.
I didn't realize the star fabric was flannel, but it will still work for what I'm doing.

And the shop had some great prices on some sale fabric, so these ones came along for the ride
Most are fat quarters, but a couple are half yards. They will be tucked away for now, but I'm sure I'll find a project for them soon enough....

We have to make more tops to justify that long arm!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Home sweet home

I am officially on vacation for a week. No grand adventures planned, just knitting and sewing and spending time in the wonderful little paradise I've created for myself.

And it's a paradise in bloom!
The red Columbine continue to show off. Just look at all those blooms!
The Iceland Poppy is blooming. It's a really cool plant, because it puts up different coloured flowers. Last year I got red, yellow and white from it. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the upper poppy this year isn't white, but almost a beige. It's really cool.
And any day now, I'll be able to finally see what my Passion Flower blooms look like.  I had buds last year, but they are vary delicate and I accidentally knocked them off by poking at it too much. I am going to be much more careful (and patient) this time!
Speaking of being patient... it's finally paying off with the peonies. It's been three years since I transplanted some from my Dad's but, I'm finally getting buds. And as you can see the ants are hard at work gobbling up the peony sap. These will be a nice bright pink when they bloom.
The irises are starting to bloom. These dark purple ones came from Mom and they've spread so much.  But I've also got a lovely red, and added a new pretty yellow and white this year.
And I'd forgotten about the deep yellow one I stole from Dad's garden last year
 It also looks like my Shaker's Prayer Iris is finally going to bloom too (it's been a couple year since I planted it, and it hasn't bloomed for me)
The Lily-of-the-Valley is just starting to bloom and that corner of the garden smells amazing. I planted a pink one this year, but won't see blooms on it until next year.
It won't be long before the lilac pops too. Sadly, I've only got a couple bloom spikes on the bush this year. Last year she put on quite a show. But I love her, so I'll take what  I can get.
Lastly, all this blooming  means the yard is once again a-buzz! The cats have been having a wonderful time chasing the Bumblers and Honey Bees who've come for a visit so far. Though  Burton got the wrong end of a Bumbler, and ended up with a swollen paw for an afternoon.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Felines

Not long after Relic started hanging around, and Dave gave him his name, I called him our "garden cat" because he was so often hanging out with me while I gardened.

Now he's really living up to his name...

Every time I turn around, he's chillin' in one of the gardens.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

FO: Deep Sea Stars

On the weekend, I picked up the newly quilted Deep Sea Stars from Mom and spent the next few evenings finishing off the binding, so now you can see it in all it's glory.
And it's a biggie - about 80" square.  I think it's the largest that I've done.

Like all the quilts I've made so far, I've only had a vague notion of how the finished product would look. In this case, I started with the stars.
They were all made from a batik charm pack I'd bought ages and ages ago. When they were done, I bought the starry batik for the sashing. Its only once everything was sashed that I ordered the batiks for the borders.
The backing was grabbed weeks later from the clearance bin, and the binding batik was bought on the day I took it up to Mom's for quilting.
Mom used a grey-blue thread and did a neat wavy swirl for the free-motion quilting. Though I have officially used up all my favours with this beast.

I'm hoping to see the recipients in a month or so, and I hope they are as happy with it as I am!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Creeping Clarkson

Considering these are only shorty socks, I should be a heck of a lot farther along than I am.
Really, I should be done, but I've been slacking. At least I've finally turned the heel. It's all downhill from here!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Gee golly gardens

It's still a touch early, but I couldn't resist stopping by the garden centre on the weekend to get a few new things for the garden. I don't have much room (which I always say) so I couldn't go too crazy (which I always do), but I had a lot of fun regardless.

(That's not as much as it looks!)

As you know, I lost two rose bushes, so this one
And this one
Came home to replace them. As you may recall, white roses are my favourite. And that red and white one is just too cool. I look forward to watching them grow.
My purple bee balm grows and blooms like gangbusters, so I was keen to get another colour.
All my irises are doing really well so I am excited to add this cheery yellow one to the mix.
I couldn't resist trying again with the white Bleeding Heart. My pink one is just so gorgeous.
This plant is one I'd never heard of before, so I thought we should give it a whirl!
I had this one a couple years ago and it didn't make it, but my purple one is really going crazy, it gets a second chance. It's down in the front garden, and maybe that spot will be more ideal.
My grandma had Red Hot Pokers and I remember thinking they were so cool. They are also a favourite of pollinators, so that always gives them a space in my garden.
I was so pleased that my Oriental Wedding poppy survived, that I decided I needed a red one too! (I do really love poppies)
And I fell for the English Daisies... AGAIN! But I realized, I've always planted them in full sun - and they need part shade. So I gave them a better spot, and hopefully this year will be the year for them!
I also couldn't resist few more hens and chicks. These ones went down in the front edge of the front garden.

But we're not done yet!...
I couldn't come home without some snap dragons...
Or marigolds. These ones are just little fillers for here and there.
My front hanging pots don't get much sun, so I went with Ivy and Fuschia for them, though they need to fill in a bit.
My back hanging pot gets sun all day long, so it got trailing Petunia, and a big beautiful Dahlia.

Next weekend, I'll probably pop back over and get a few more annuals for a couple of my planters. Then I'll just sit back and watch it all bloom!