Monday, August 31, 2015

Sew easy

While the girls are back at home, getting ready for the new school year, they did have a very productive with with Grandma.

Miss Pee has become quite the little sewer. A few years back she got a sewing machine for Christmas (and not one of those little kiddie machines - a real one) and she's put it to good use. (She's probably already a better sewer than I am) And last year, her and Mom picked out some fabric for a quilt, so on this visit, she was determined to make one.

Mom had found instructions on how to make a Rag Quilt, and figured that would be a good quilt for the time they had available.... and Miss Pee set to it.
And yes... she is looking like quite the little Miss! She's growing up too fast.  It didn't take long and she had a completed quilt
And a fantastic sense of colour (just like her Aunt!)

And of course, whatever the big one does, the little one wants in on the fun...
Miss Ro working away on an antique Singer mom picked up just for the girls to use. As basic as a machine can get (and really cute too! I want one!)

While Miss Pee's was made of quilting cotton, Miss Ro's was made of a wild mix of flannel; Some new, some from the craft cupboard, and some from pajamas we found on our thrift day.
Wild and crazy - just like her. And no... I did not make her put in Hello Kitty fabric - I merely pointed it out like any good aunt and she wasn't leaving the store without it.

And the rag quilts turned out so good, both Mom and I agree we each need to make our own. Mom is busy amassing some plaid flannel, and I'm trying to decide if I want wild and crazy like Ro, or coordinated and sophisticated like Pee. 

Decisions, decisions...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Golfing, reading, knitting

Sorry for the couple days of radio silence. Just been trying to make the most of every last little bit of summer.

Friday was mini-putt with the girls (a last blast before they headed back home).
This little one plays mini-putt like she's playing hockey...
Saturday, I had plans with a friend from the big city, but she had to cancel last minute, so I was suddenly faced with a Saturday empty of any obligations... what to do with all that time???

Well, I slept in. Then I stayed in bed for the rest of the morning and read with the boys.
And with a lazy afternoon stretching out before me, I decided to finish up Sherlock. I'd been steadily adding inches to that last sleeve, and I only had five or six more to go. I figured a couple of hours and it would be done....

Famous last words.

But.... by bed-time...
Good ol' Sherl was on the blocking board!

Temps are on the rise again (after a very cool week) so it will be a bit before I can wear it on a regular basis, but I'm sure Mom and I will sneak in a photo shoot before then.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cotton rainbows

I'm sure some of you are wondering about whatever happened to that bear paw quilt I started.... well.. I was going pretty well...
That is until I got my squares done and lined them all up together... only to discover that some of them are a full inch smaller than others... sigh.
I have no idea how I managed it. There is a way to fix it, but it involves a lot of stitch ripping to fix, and I just can't face it right now, so it's in a time out.

To console myself, Mom and I took a trip to another local quilt shop, and I got some charm squares. I figure since they are already cut, it's that much harder for me to mess it up.

I got a couple packs of beautifully rich batiks (I have a real soft spot for batiks.)
I had just got them all laid out the way I wanted to, then a wind came up and blew them all over the place... but this picture of one corner gives you an idea of how pretty they are. I hope to get started on it soon.

But that's not the only quilting project in the works. I picked up another jumbo pack of charm squares
 A rainbow of solids to make a very special project for a certain little Miss... but more on that later. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Man sock is manly

Things are going nicely on the man sock
Although I usually get bored with mindless knitting, I do quite enjoy a nice plain vanilla sock with some fun yarn.

I've just started the heel on this one and it's making nice lunch-time knitting. A few more lunches and I'll be well on my way down the foot!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Slipping away

August is almost over and there are definitely signs that summer is coming to an end; the geese starting their southern journeys, the mums are out at the grocery store, and by the time I get home from work, I've only got about an hour of decent daylight left.

That said, the gardens are still going strong
The Thai Pink Egg tomato has been a fabulous producer
I have this many ready to go up to Mom's, as well as a bowl full of cherry tomatoes. The tomato output hasn't been as good as the last two years. Apart from couple short weeks or sweltering heat, we've had a fairly cool summer. I don't mind though, I really just grow the tomatoes for fun.

These are a much more more enjoyable reward for my toils
Only six blackberries this year, but I got them before the birds! (And I even shared them with Dave!) Next year should be a decent harvest. And I still have lots more raspberries to look forward to this year
There are four branches like this, just covered in berry buds.

And while there's not much left yet too bloom in the garden but the Sedum (and the slow blooming Nasturtiums), check out the butterfly bush!

That coffee made a huge difference! I'm going to have to try it on the Navy Lady rose out front, as she's looking like she could use a boost.

Guess what happened last night... I was upstairs running my bath and turned around to grab a towel from the linen closet, only to see a certain someone climbing into her scratcher all on her own...
 "Meh... maybe it's not so bad...."

And she stayed there all night until bedtime. Told ya so, DAVE!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

April in August

Sunday was nice and lazy, so I was able to finish up the last sleeve on April.

And I did order some buttons, though not the ones I showed you a little while ago. As much as I liked them, the idea of paying more than $10 in shipping for something that can be sent in a bubble mailer... well...

Instead I found a much more reasonable Etsy seller in Halifax who had these lovely vintage ones

With the sleeves done and the buttons on hand, I was itching to get the bands done too. So after dinner, I set to it, and by bedtime...
... she was on the blocking board. Sadly, those beautiful buttons are too big for the button holes, but I've got some back-up buttons that will do just nicely.

A proper FO post will come when Mom and I get a chance for a photoshoot. With the girls down, and summer wrapping up, it might not be for a few weeks - but stay tuned!

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Mom's got the monsters for the week, and she's got big plans to keep them busy with some sewing projects. So yesterday, we set out on a mission
While Mom and Miss Pee were hunting down flannel pajamas that could be cut into quilt squares...
Rowan and I were in search of fashion! Though we agree on a lot of things like sparkly shoes and twirly dresses, we discovered we disagree on one fundamental thing
The importance of faux fur leopard print (can you guess which of us didn't like it...?). Oh well, we did find fab shoes
and a hat
And that twirly dress
I even managed to nab a pair of sunglasses for a quarter.
And while all those finds were great, we didn't find quite enough flannel for the quilt, so we took a little side trip to fabricland... and we might have got distracted by the shiny fabrics...

Oh yeah.... Mom's got her hands full this week...