Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Someone once said that knitters don't buy yarn, they buy potential....
Well these two skeins of potential sat in the shop for a couple of months and didn't sell. I've seen their potential since the day I pulled them out of the dye pot, so they finally came home with me. They are potentially going to become a new cardigan design. (Yarn is Solo Cat and the colour is Steel Town).

And I finally picked up my potential Colour Affection and brought it home
In the end I went with the darker burgundy skein (though it looks quite bright here). As you can see, they are perfect match for my Twyla set. I'm thinking Colour Affection will make good airport/airplane/hotel knitting, so I'll be casting on for this before I leave for Chicago.

And if you're in need of some potential of your own, Mom updated the shop on the weekend. 
Use the code SNOW10 and you can save 10% until the end of the month.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Out of body

Yesterday morning, I had just two and a half inches to go on the body of Old Town. So I settled in a spot of sunshine with my favourite furry feline and set to work.
It took most of the day (because I was also having a severe ADD day and couldn't sit still for more than two rows at a time). But, by about 7 p.m., I was casting off
If I'm honest, I'm not loving this knit right now. I did the mid-length (just past my bum) but I'm wondering if I should have done the tunic length version (though the thought of knitting that much more on the body makes my eye twitch - not to mention I'm not sure if I have enough yarn).

I tried it on last night and it's just a little.... frumpy.  That said, it has no sleeves, hasn't been blocked and I was still wearing wrinkled the pajamas I'd slept in the night before...

But I'm going to give it a chance. I'm going to finish it. If I don't like it, it can always go in the Christmas box for someone else.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A pop of colour for January

January is just so dull and grey... thankfully, I have dye studio play in.
I dyed up a batch of Twisted Top Cat. Though, admittedly, those shades are a little on the moody side.

But then I conviced Mom to let me take another crack at dyeing some fiber. She tied up some BFL for me and....
That will brighten things up!

I tried a new technique this time and things went much better... and easier. Mom will send me pics when they are all dry and braided up.... and I think I may just have to learn how to spin....

Saturday, January 24, 2015

FO: Cygnus Two

Mom took pity on my car-less state and came and picked me up and got me out of the house for the day. We did a little shopping and took the opportunity on the way back to her place to do a couple shots of Cygnus Two. 

There is a little church along the back road that runs to her house, so we pulled into the parking lot, I threw off my coat...
She looks nice and rich against the dull January day. This Cygnus did turn out a bit bigger than the first, but the Bugga is a little heavier than the Slinky Cat so that's not surprising. I may give her a couple of rounds in the dryer to see if she'll tighten up a bit - she tends to slip off my shoulders.
I love how the semi solid yarn changes the look of it too. The ripple is much more apparent than in Cygnus One, where the focus is on the lace.
And while she's the perfect little sweater for spring, summer and fall.... not so much for winter. After a few quick snaps, I was back in my coat and warming up in front of the truck heater.

But she's definitely my new favourite cardigan, and she'll see just as much wear as Cygnus One. Someone else took quite a shine to her too....
When we got to Mom's, I took her off so I could go dye yarn without worrying about her. I put her on the table beside my purse, so I wouldn't forget to take her home and came back up to that....

(And you might be wondering why I didn't model C2 with the polkadot dress.... well, I put them on together on last night and .. it's just all wrong. The dress' neckline just doesn't work with the cardigan..... so I'm still on the hunt for the perfect red cardi it seems....)

Friday, January 23, 2015


Well Friday ended up being a little sunnier than expected
The kids got to go outside (though they didn't stay out there long - it's still too cold for these soft kitties!) and my dear sweet Stella got a reprieve.

I spoke with the mechanic this morning and the part is still under warranty. The parts guy who ordered it (and my first one) is trying to get Chrysler to cover at least some of the labour costs too - but I'm not holding my breath on that one. But the labour costs are about half of what I thought they'd be.

The downside is, the part is going to take a while to get here (same situation as last time), so I'm without a car for at least two more weeks. I'm just waiting to hear from my boss on whether I can work from home for that time, or whether I'll need to rent a car. But I'm so happy that my dear, sweet Stella will see another summer (and I can go at least a little while longer without car payments!)

And look....
Even Old Town is getting somewhere
Just two inches to go and I can start the ribbing! Definitely a good end to a bad week!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The bad, the worse, and the okay

The bad:
My dreams of prancing in Old Town on a photo shoot - at least this February - have been dashed.
It turns out that the coworker who was going to travel with me is no longer going, so we can't head over after our flight lands on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday are completely booked up with work stuff, and I'll likely be flying out first thing Friday morning. I'm going to harass one of my favourite Sales guys - he's a Chicago native, now living in L.A.... and if our flights land around the same time, I might be able to sweet talk him into going.... but otherwise, I'll have to try again some other trip.

I am still working to get  her done, on the slim chance the chips all fall into place.

The worse:
Well... it's looking... unless there's some great miracle in the next 48 hours....
Likely my dear, sweet Stella is going to the great big scrap yard in the sky. It turns out it was not the cheap, easy fix we'd hoped... but most likely the very large, very expensive turbo booster failing again. Yes... that very same part that I had fixed last March. Now, the part itself should still be under warranty (the mechanic is double checking that), but the labour that goes along with it is not. And it's a big job. At least half of what I paid out in March, which is more than is worth putting into her. The odometre is pushing 250,000 km, there are a few other small issues with her that will eventually turn into big issues...

I'll know more on Friday (the mechanic still has to take things apart to confirm his diagnosis), but last night I snuggled up with Tux and had a good cry. Ridiculous to cry over a dead car, I know.... but I really love that damn car.

The okay:
One thing that is going right at least...
...is my knitting. Even though I'm stuck at home, and I'm not taking lunch breaks, I'm still trying to devote an hour a day to Dave's socks. Especially since either way it goes (car repair or new car), I won't have money to buy him jeans for Valentine's Day. So.... these socks now have a deadline!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


There's just something about January.... my dear Stella, tempermental little Diva that she is, decided she wasn't going to run right on the way to work Monday. So up she went to the shop.

Now, it should be an easy and inexpensive (well inexpensive when compared to what all the other things that might have caused the problem would cost) fix.... if the mechanic could get to it. I have a very good mechanic, and he's trustworthy - but it's a two-man shop. And there were two other big jobs ahead of mine. So I've been stuck at home since Monday.

Fortnately, I can do my job from home... but I'll admit, I'm starting to go a little stir crazy
... especially when these two are the the only things to have a conversation with.

Now, as you know, working from home does mean a couple extra hours of knitting time, normally lost to the commute....
But it feels like I'm stuck on this one too. I knit and knit and knit, but it just doesn't seem to get any longer. It's actually at 6 inches from the underarm, but it just doesn't feel like it. Ever have one of those knits?

I keep reminding myself that it will just make the sleeves feel that much faster....