Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dissapointed, but then not so much

Okay, some of you may have wondered whatever happened to the little periodic "wellness" posts I promised to make all those ages ago...

Well I haven't forgotten, I just haven't had much progress to report.... and it's been... well... a little depressing. I do good for about a week, maybe two if I was lucky, but then fall off the wagon spectacularly. I managed to lose about 5lbs, but that was it (and I think that was all water)

Determined as ever to get fitter, about a two months ago, I invested in a Bowflex for Dave and me. About the same time, my friend Bree moved in across the street from me. So for seven weeks, I've worked out on the Bowflex twice a week, and gone for a walk with Bree twice a week. I've tried to eat better, but I'm still struggling with that.

I was sure the exercise would make a difference, but for weeks now the scale continues to read 180 lbs... it won't budge. I keep telling myself not to get too upset, I am adding muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, it'll start to go down eventually. But it would be nice to have the little number get lower to validate all my hard work.

After yet again stepping on the scale and reading "180" I got mad! I know I'm losing weight! I can see muscle definition in my arms! If I stretch my arms to the ceiling, I can see my ribs again, and I can feel my hipbones when my elbows hit them!

So, screw the scale, I got out the measuring tape:

Months ago, this was the prognosis
Arms: 12.5"
Waist 36"
Hips: 48"


Arms: 11.75" (a whole 3/4 inch smaller!)
Waist 35" (a whole inch!)
But my biggest triumph...
Hips: 45" (3 whole inches smaller!!!!)

So, I feel a little better, but I'd still like that scale to move!


Samantha said...

That is very good progress! I hear you on the wagon thing. I try and try and then I see pie (and I'm a poet, I know ... LOL) ...

I'm hoping once the kids are back in school I'll be able to dedicate part of E's nap time to working out. That's my plan anyway.

My scale keeps jumping from 160-165. I think there are evil mice who keep changing it, but who knows.

Alisha said...

It can be very frustrating to have the scale not move.

The measurements for sure mean far more and what a great job!

I have lost 40 and have another 30 to go. I have stalled so badly over the last few months and it drives me crazy but when I look back at my measurements (and weight) in the beginning I feel better....I think I have lost something like 6 inches off my waist...I mean that is so insane to try to imagine that. Makes me cringe actually. I also saved a pair of my pants I was in and try them on often to modivate myself to stay on my before picture is were I can see it everyday.

I try to think how it took me years to put the weight on and it won't all be gone over much as I would like lol

Start that cami'll be at your goal and be looking awesome in it before you know it!!!

theresa said...

Just catching up on blog-reading. You're wise to not let the numbers get you down - remember that those numbers can change, or not change, depending on time of month, water retention, etc.
Way to go with all the working out and inches gone! Wish I could say the same...not getting much exercise time in since summer is over.