Sunday, September 28, 2008

One off the needles, two more cast on

Another busy weekend at the studio.

Earlier this week, my car died. Fortunately, my Dad was kind enough to share his car with me until I could get another one (which actually ended up being his car, as he just bought my mom a new one for her birthday, but that's a long story and I want to get to the knitting.)

And all this sharing of car resulted in a lot of chaos and a missed deadline. Remember secret surprise? Well it was a tank top for my mom for her birthday... only by her birthday, it wasn't quite finished. The back was done, and the front was done up to the neckline, but I need a couple more hours to finish it off... so like any good knitter... I gave it to her in pieces with the promise of finishing it on the weekend.

I did keep that promise on Saturday, while Dave was helping my dad work in his old/my new car, I sat out back with mom and finished her top. Yaaay... only I don't have pictures of it. See, I don't crochet, and the top requires a crocheted edge around the arm and neckline.... so yes, mom has to finish her own birthday present... I am a horrible child I know... but I'm the youngest and the cutest so I can get away with it. (I'll post pics as soon as mom finishes it.)

Anyway, when Dave and I got home that evening, I still felt the need to knit. You think I would have picked up one of the many projects I already had on the needles but nooo... I cast on for something new...Here is Peno checking out my Flower Power Elephant. This is a really easy pattern (about 3 hours to knit all the pieces) but I added a little twist. I'm going to felt it. (I LOVE felting)

I fully intended to felt it today. But I thought, if I'm going to be felting I should finished the pieces of my other felted project and felt them all at once (it's a purse of my own design and once it's done I'll post the pattern for free here). So I started working on the strap this morning, and about noon Dave decided he was going to take apart my toilet (it makes a hideous noise every time you flush... it's kind of like having a toilet alarm) and of course, he decides he needs a part, so a-shopping we go. Well none of the stores have the part we need (of course) but he decides to stop off at my parents to return some body filler he borrowed.

It was a good thing we did, because mom had a little computer problem, and Dave is her resident computer guru. I settled in for a long wait... but since we were only going shopping I hadn't brought my knitting. (That and it's angora and Dave doesn't like the fluffies in his car)

Mom kindly gave me some hand painted silk yarn to keep me busy and I started knitting a shawl... (my own pattern I'll post when it's done) It doesn't look like I got very far considering we were at mom's for about seven hours, but I ripped it out once.

And that was my weekend... back to another Monday.

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Alisha said...

That is going to be a beautiful shawl.