Friday, August 7, 2009

Is it my birthday???

No it's not.. but it feels like it.
I got another present in the mail. And this one is a real present... not something I bought myself on ebay!
Dear, sweet Jeanne sent me a whole box of her sock yarn leftovers for my sockghan. This is a HUGE shot in the arm for the project. Even better, there are lots of red and purple tones, which the blanket sadly needs, as most of the yarn my grandma gave me were blue tones. Even MORE better is.. if any of you follow Jeanne's blog, you'll know she has exquisite taste in yarn. Not just in quality (and there are some scrumptious yarns here... even some coveted Wollmeise) but in colour. There are very few of her projects that I don't fall in love with just for the colour. This batch of yarn is proof of incredible taste.

As soon as I pulled it out of the box, Peno had to come check it out:
Then she laid claim to it:Yes that look means "Back off get your own wool"

Then she even tried to eat it:And then Rocky ran off with the box:Thank you Jeanne! I really can't thank you enough! (but I'm going to try)

Oh, and as promised, here's what I'm doing with the Regia Silk (which is just gorgeous yarn and yummy to knit with. I love silk!):It's the Panda Silk Dk Fan Shawl (free pattern), Like the sockghan, it's a modular knit... which I love. Each module knits up quick, and there are only 28. Here are my first two squares. ( I love silk)
This colour is call "Linen" and I'm having a really hard time deciding if it's off-white, beige, or light grey. Really, it's just kind of a dirty white, but that doesn't sound as pretty as Linen, does it? What ever it is, it feel heavenly. I love silk. Have I mentioned that before?


lexa said...

Wasn't that nice to send you those leftovers! Love that shawl, it's going to be gorgeous!!

Samantha said...

Gotta love leftovers! :) That's a cute shawl -- totally you! :)

Jeanne said...

Glad you got them, and like them! The kitties are really too cute...

Love the shawl - I started one just like that but frogged it recently because I thought I messed it up. Yours is going to be beautiful!