Thursday, April 2, 2015

Get ready for the Game: A KAL

We're starting up a new KAL in the Wandering Cat Yarns group.

We're actually reviving a successful KAL we did last year - A Game of Thrones-inspired KAL! With my Highgarden shawl pattern released, and Season 5 of the show starting on April 12, the timing is perfect!

Want to join us? The details are in our group.

Last year, the prize was a kit to make my Daenerys shawl, as well as some other dragon-themed goodies.
This year, the prize is focusing on a different House. This time it's the Tyrells of Highgarden, with a focus on Margaery!
I've dyed up some Margaery blue House Cat, and paired it with some pretty golden beads
There's enough there to make your very own Highgarden.
And of course, every new project needs a project bag, so I've got some special fabric on order
to make the winner a Tyrell-inspired Kitten Kaboodle.

Come join us for your chance to win!


Anonymous said...

Very nicely themed! :-)

Araignee said...

Ohhhh.....I totally get where you are going even though I've only seen a bit of the very first episode. I am a huge LOTR fan but GOT is too damn scary for me.

Nancy Kay said...

Oooohhh, the yarn and beads are a beautiful combination!!!

kathy b said...

I'll be watching with interest! Great blue yarn ....I love it.

Rachelle said...

Currently attempting to get my socks finished so I can cast on new socks for the KAL. Going to use my pink gobstopper yarn for it.