Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Gone a little nutty

As promised,  I went stash diving for a new travel project and came up with one of my favourite of our stripey colourways - Cheshire Cat - in Top Cat.

You can't find a yarn more opposite to the scratch Berroco Sox than our Top Cat - it's only 10% cashmere, but it makes all the difference. Soooooooooooooo soft!

I considered doing a plain vanilla, but I needed something a little more interesting. I chose, and discarded a dozen ripple patterns before finally settling on Nutkin.
I'e knit the pattern a few times before, never with a striper - I wanted to see what it would do.  It creates an interesting choppy stripe.

And although this was intended to be commuter knitting, I won't be doing any commuting for a while. I've come down with the plague... I mean flu. So I'm stuck on the couch with barely the energy to knit.

I fear these socks may be tucked away  until the new year. Of course, that's not too far off now!


Araignee said...

Feel better!

Rachelle said...

That's a pattern I've had queued for so long! I'm going to mirror the pattern when I eventually do it, looks like you're doing the same thing.
Hope you feel better soon, flu is no fun.

Cat Lover said...

Feel better soon!

Delighted Hands said...

I'm so sorry! The flu just about devours me-I'm talking 6 weeks so now I get the flu shot.
I can sympathize with the 'barely energy to knit' symptom. Feel better soon-rest!

Delighted Hands said...

PS-this new sock is gorgeous and the softness shows up in the photo, too!

Vera said...

Oh no! Hope you are much better very soon. Meanwhile, the socks look great!