Sunday, January 27, 2008


This is why I can't have nice things:

Rocky (the beautiful little eight-month-old wonder that he is) seems to have just learned he can jump. And he is jumping on EVERYTHING! Right now he's sitting on top of the computer tower, staring down at me, wondering if I'll notice if he jumps onto the shelves above the computer. (where the wool for current projects is stored)

But nothing is safe anymore. Including the fish tank which is a good two feet from and three feet higher than the couch which serves as launch pad. I don't have a picture of that one, I was too busy having visions of a swimming cat to grab the camera. (It happened to Kobi one weekend when I was at Dave's. Fortunately, the parents were there, but the lid to the tank still bears dad's make-shift plexi-glass repair where he went through it and had a little swim.)

I did however manage to capture this....

When I heard the commotion in the kitchen I assumed he was on the cupboards above the fridge. (another picture I've yet to capture, but one of his new favourite places) I just about crapped my pants when I saw he was perched precariously on the basement door, the door swinging wildly with every little movement he made.

Near as we can figure, he must have jumped from the fridge, which is just to the left, out of the frame of the picture. Sometimes I really wonder what goes through his mind.... he use to be such a sweet kitten.

Oh well such is the fun of sharing space with cats. Though if he breaks my favourite faerie one more time..... (and people wonder why I don't want kids)
In knitting news.... I FINISHED A SLEEVE... 9 days to finish the second.... well actually less because I want to have time to block and sew it up before the guild meeting. I didn't take pictures because it's just the same boring old brown ribbing. The front is blocking now. I'm going to block the back tomorrow. If I can get the sleeve knit for Friday, I'll have it all together for the guild meeting. Guess the dishes aren't getting done all week again....

Ooooh I also stole another of mom's great ideas.....

So... off to finish sleeve number 2.. and never-ever knit a ribbed sweater ever again!


Rhonda said...

Nice shelves. Great idea! Love the door shot.

Samantha said...

My old cat Kimmy (Siamese) used to do the door thing too. Rocky is a little shit just like his mommy. LOL

Great shelves. I want some.

JustApril said...

None of those pics seemed SO out of the ordinary until I got to the door one! OMG! Cats are such... cats!