Friday, January 4, 2008

Two scarves, two divas...

Well the ruffle scarf is finally done.

Doesn't it suit Tux so well?
(I really need real models. I'd try to take a picture of it on myself, but with an SLR camera it's just a pain in the bum and I'm too lazy to set up the tripod.)
This is a Christmas gift for the girlfriend of Dave's friend. We were suppose to see them at New Year's but our plans got messed up, so it's still here.
It's done in Flamenco Yarn by Premier Yarns, and is knit up using an odd and very annoying technique. I love how it turned out, but I hated every minute of knitting it! Maybe if I buy the wool I can talk mom into knitting one for me..... Mom?!?

I also knit this scarf as a present for my friend and fellow artist, Bree

Rocky is modelling this one and doesn't he look divine?
Bree is a fellow Saggitarian (same day as my dad) and the scarf is part of a birthday/christmas package of goodies for her. We were supposed to get together BEFORE Christmas, but things around the studio just got too hectic.
(which is also why I haven't made it out to see you and the kids Sam...)

In other news, I have an etsy store now.....

The URL is
Go check it out... you can by my beautiful jewellry creations there!!!

Now you may be wondering why Miss Peno didn't make it into any pictures this week. Well I didn't have a third scarf, and besides, she's too smart to lay around while I take ridiculous photos and embarass her... after all... she is a girl!

I've still got several other projects on the needles, including two which I'll be submitting to Knitty. (One for Summer, one for Fall)
Dave's sweater did not get done for Christmas (no big surprise) The goal is now Valentine's Day!


Samantha said...

We will get together soon ... I've got a pressie for you! :) LYLAS! :)

Rhonda said...

Dad thinks Rocky looks gay.
But the scarves look great.

Jenn said...

LOL, love it. Gay cats!!