Sunday, January 20, 2008


Nothing quite like a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon...Peno agrees.

Dave and I didn't get up to much this weekend. He's still a little under the weather. He did spend Saturday afternoon rebuilding the carburator for my grandfather's tractor, so I hadthe chance to get some work done in the sleeve of his sweater. Again, it's Leo from Knitty.
Mom got me Photoshop so I was able to lighten this pic up a bit to finally show you the colour and detail. Not that there is a whole lot of detail, it's just a 5-3 rib... but at least it doesn't look black. Don't know if I mentioned it before... I'm knitting this in Debbie Bliss Alapaca silk... very soft, but sheds a lot... of course with all the cats in the house it just blends in. It's sinfully soft though, and I have a feeling when it's done, I'll be stealing it frequently. The goal for this is Valentine's day.. well actually, the guild meeting before Valentine's day which is 16 days away.... wish me luck!

In other Dave sweater news, Mom finally sewed the first Dave sweater up!

This was made for him for two Christmases ago, but about three days before, just as I was finally finishing the last sleeve, I mocked it up on him and we realized the sleeves were going to be several inches too short! Not an irrepairable problem except this wool was bought at a knitter's fair several years before and is no longer available (stupid long-limbed, big-shouldered boyfriends). So after crying for about an hour I decided to keep it for myself.

However I had some issues with sewing the sleeves in, so I sent it over to the expert knitter to do it, and she finally did. Yaaay Mom!

It is a lovely sweater, with the pattern on the back as well. It's a wool/silk blend (my obsession with silk yarn runs a close second to my obsession with alapaca) and feels absolutely lovely. If i could change one thing about this, I would do it with saddle shoulders and continue the pattern right up to the neckline.

Hmm.... seems all my news is about Dave this weekend.

I needed to step away from his sweater for a little bit (ribbing making me go cross-eyed) so I started making him a new hat. I made him one last year which he loves, but it was done with $1 a ball acrylic (yes, you told me so mom) and it's all stretched and yucky now. I hate it. So I'm making him a new one with some yarn I bought from Julie's ,.... Berrocco Ultra Alpaca. I bought four skiens for a project I'm designing ot submit to Knitty , but I changed my design a little and I'm only going to use one skein. So, Dave is getting a hat and I may design a shawl for my Grandmother with the rest I didn't want to do a plain old ribbed band so I added in a cable. The colour matches his leather coat perfectly. This is a wool/alpaca blend, so I hope it's not going to be too itchy.


Rhonda said...

Mothers are always right! LISTEN!

Samantha said...

Mothers are always right ... that's true. Except my Mother, but that's because in THAT case the daughter is always right. LOL

The knits look great. I love the colour of the sweater for Dave. Marvie!!

theresa said...

Don't you just love the shades of that Ultra Alpaca? One of my fav's.