Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Under the Weather

I am feeling soooooo crappy.... I have some sinus issues that flare up every once in a while, and well.... it's that while... and it's bad. I don't so much mind the runny nose and stuffy feeling, but the sore neck and headaches that have come along for the ride I could do without. I don't want to do much but close my eyes and nap -- but the floor needs mopping, the cats need disciplining and the knitting is calling....

Of it all the only thing getting attention is the knitting (well the cats are too, but only when they are really doing something they shouldn't)

I am pleased to say that my treatment for Second Sock Syndrome is working swimmingly so far. A few weeks ago I cast on for the second of my Father's Day socks and I'm making good progress.
I haven't been working on it steady because of all the baby stuff I've been doing, as well as working away on my own designs.

I also decided to cast on for another project (yeah like I needed one). I've cast on for the Rose Shrug

I really like the shape of it, and I love shrugs. I have a very short torso so anything that ends at my actual waist line makes me look like Erkle. I need long or short... and shrugs help elongate me a little... plus they are nice quick knits.

I'm using some of the blue chunky yarn that came from my Great Aunt.

I had some really nice progress to show you, when all of a sudden I realized I only cast on 105 stitches.. and I should have cast on 121.... I'm not sure how it happened... I counted three times... chalk it up to muzzy head.

So, it got frogged, but no worries, I'll cast it on again tomorrow. One of my college friends has just learned how to knit, and she's coming over tomorrow. I think it might be a good pattern for her too.

Well I'm off to read and rest my neck.


Jeanne said...

Great socks! I've done the cast on the wrong number of stitches thing way too often - very frustrating! I hope the second start goes quickly.

Hope you feel better soon...

Knitting Linguist said...

Hope you feel better soon! I love those socks -- they seem like good muzzy-head knitting :)

Heddy said...

nice looking socks!

Thanks for the compliment on my Olive bag ... it was a lot of fun to make (and so many people have said they liked it, I made another!)