Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shhh... don't tell the boy....

.... but he was right.

The air conditioners are on. It's hot and sticky and it's suppose to stay that way for a couple of days at least... hopefully it will all end in a spectacular thunderboomer!

Meanwhile, I'm inside with the air cranked and knitting.You haven't seen any progress, but early on last week I cast on for Dad's second F-day sock. On the weekend, I managed to reach and finish the heel. I should be pressing forward with F-Day only a few weeks away, but I got a little distracted.

You'll remember that yarn we dyed that knit up like this:Well on the weekend we tweaked the formula a little (same colours, different amounts) and it now looks like this:I just had to see what it looked like knit up - so I set aside Dad's sock and cast on for a pair of Undines. So much better! The colour is Mermaid's Treasure and there is one skein in the shop.

Want to see what else we dyed?These won't be in the shop until after the weekend, as we are taking them to the show on Saturday. What ever is left will go up in the shop.

Oh, I also got one other thing off the needles - Friday night I cast off the latest shawl!
It's blocking at Mom's, but I should have the pattern ready in a couple of weeks. You may remember that is was purple - but I decided to overdye it with red - it's a much deeper red than the pic shows, and it's a nice big shawl - more than 60 inches wide!

Holy Canolies - I've been a busy girl!


Rhonda said...

Well, it's not like you're doing anything else. Right.

Samantha said...

Show on Saturday??

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have and everything looks great.

Good luck at your show!

Monika said...

It was 31C yesterday here in Aurora (we are so close I'm more in Aurora, than down in Richmond Hill) and they said it felt like 39C! They were right, so hot and sticky and uncomfortable! A/c = a good thing. :o)
Love you new dyed yarns. Is your new shawl a little sparkly as well?

Not ready for handspun said...

If your boy is anything like my boy, nobody needs to tell him that he was right. He already assumed he was right.

That shawl is gorgeous! And I have just the yarn for it!

What show are you at this weekend? Is it open to the public?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous yarns and gorgeous shawl!

lexa said...

You have been busy! I almost forgot about Father's Day -- I have to get some socks started asap.

Lost City Denise said...

Holey Canoli it's nearly F Day? I just recovered from MDay!

The shawl is lovely as are the yarns - always.

Jeanne said...

We got the heat today and we also have our AC on - and I feel bad because its so early but I just couldn't take it!

Love the shawl - gorgeous! And the new yarn - very pretty. Good luck at the show!

Kiki said...

Beautiful yarns! Your shawl is gorgeous too!