Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Show??? What show???

Yes, yes, yes.. I've been a bad BossCat and have neglected to share what show we are doing, and where it is.

Well really, I was just trying to be elusive to pique your interest... yeah... that's it!

This Saturday Mom and I will be at the Brantford Pagan Meet and Greet this week-end.

I did this show last year, but with just my jewellery. Last year I brought Dave.

This year it will be jewellery and yarn and Mom!

If you can make it, do stop by and say hi - we'll be the ones knitting!


Jeanne said...

Have fun and good luck!

Not ready for handspun said...

Have a great time at the show - sorry I can't make it :(

Don't forget your sunscreen, a hat and maybe an umbrella.

Knitting Linguist said...

How fun! I'll think of you while I'm at the fiber festival :)

Monika said...

I was at such a show maybe ten years ago, with my daughter and my niece, no wait, that was already 13 years ago. It was fun. They did not have any yarn then. Good Luck! I hope there will be lots of knitters and crocheter there, who desperately need some gorgeous yarn. :o)