Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bitter Sweet!

The storm has been officially upgraded to a blizzard - it's suppose to start at midnight and continue right through to mid-day tomorrow. Here's hoping the roads are total crap in the morning and I can stay home.Tux is on blizzard watch - so far it's just wind.

I've been working away on Bitteroot and so far it's progressing nicely.There are six separate charts to this pattern, but despite that, it's not complicated. I'm almost through the final repeat (of four) of Chart A. The rest of the charts are only knit once, so I've only got 100 or so rows to go.

As always, knitting with the Fluffy Cat is a dream! It's soft and silky, and creates such a nice light airy fabric with beautiful drape.

I'm still debating on to bead or not to bead. I think the beads are very pretty, but I don't know if I can be bothered. By the time I get close to the end of a shawl, I really just want to be done.

What are your thoughts? Do you like beading your knitting, or is it too much of a pain?


Minding My Own Stitches said...

I've never beaded anything; I'd like to try though. It can be a really nice extra touch!

Monika said...

I've tried beading, and while I think it's pretty most of the time, it's also a PIA. Besides, it's hard to find nice beads around here, and I don't want to order them online, so most of my knits, which should include beads, don't.

lexa said...

We are in the midst of our first real storm of the season. Sunday we got 4-5", which was the most at once this season. The kids are off today and probably tomorrow by the sounds of it. We got probably 6" or more last night, and today they're calling for up to a foot and a half! I'm going to have to go out and snowblow what we've got so far (we're in a lull right now where it's not doing anything). My snowblower is good, but it's small and will take forever if I wait til tomorrow. And our area is supposed to get rain and freezing rain this evening and then change back to snow. Right now it's light and fluffy.

Rhonda said...

Beads are pretty, just fiddley.

Anonymous said...


You can never have too many beads!

(Stay safe. Hope the blizzard conditions aren't too bad and that you can get out and around soon.)