Sunday, May 22, 2011


I think I just spent the most perfect morning ever.

I woke up to the sound the rain. Because it was so warm out yesterday, the window was open. The air had cooled considerably, but we were snuggled in our blankets so the temperature was just perfect. Dave was still sleeping, and Rocky was snuggled on my left side (for some reason he doesn't like the right... even when Dave isn't there). I grabbed my book from the bedside, snuggled in a little closer to Dave and Rocky, and read listening to the sounds of rain, purring and snoring - a literal symphony of comfort. The world could end, and I'd die happy.

Of course - the moment couldn't last forever - eventually we were joined by Tux, who was in serious need of some breakfast - but it was perfect while it lasted.

And now I'm up and have to figure out which chore I want to start first on this rainy day.... sigh.

I will have knitting pictures soon - most likely later today.

In the mean time here's Rocky....... sleeping off the excitement from yesterday's outdoor adventure.


Delusional Knitter said...

OMG he is wiped out, LOL!

kathy b said...

I think he is all about today....RELAXing.......ahhhh

Your wake up sounds fantastic.