Monday, April 2, 2012


I was making good progress on my latest design...
A top-down vest using that beautiful Ladyslipper Slinky Mom dyed for me.

However, it has been put on hold for some emergency knitting - another vest, in fact.

You see, when I was on my little shopping spree last week, I picked up a lovely little sundress. It's mostly a dark rusty red, with shades of brown and navy blue - not my usual colours, but something about it spoke to me. Unfortunately, its spaghetti straps make the otherwise lovely frock unsuitable for an office environment.

All it needs is some sort of cardigan, but given that my closet is filled with pink, red and green, I don't have anything that matches.

So what's a knitter to do? Knit one of course.

I was discussing colours with Mom - I was leaning toward dying some nice Navy. She mentioned she might have some nice Bugga that would work - and that's when I remembered that I have 3 skeins of Skinny Bugga in the stash already (and I am on a stash down after all!)

So I ran upstairs to get itYup - three lovely skeins of Oak Timberworm. They are much darker than the picture - a rich brown with lovely little touches of rust, navy and even some forest green - the perfect compliment to the sundress. It should only take two skeins, which will leave me with one skein left over for a pair of Dave socks.

I've chosen the Vintage Vest pattern. A nice little lace freebie.
This pic shows the nice dark tone, but not the hints of colour. The pattern is simple - both the lace and the construction. I'm about half way through the back, and I only started it yesterday afternoon.

If I keep going at this rate, I might even have a new Easter outfit!


Monika said...

Can't wait to see both together.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty pattern!

Frieda said...

That is such a great pattern , looking forward to seeing the finished cardie .

gayle said...

I love red-blue-brown together. Looking forward to seeing the cardie with the dress!