Saturday, April 27, 2013

Moving day

Sir Tuxedo Thunderpaws here.

Momma said we're without internet until sometime on Monday, so she scheduled a couple of posts to get you through until then.

It really has been crazy here the last couple of days. There was cardboard everywhere, but every time I found the perfect box to take a nap in - Momma stole it and filled it fill of her books or her knitting.

And then Thursday, she packed up all my cat beds!!! Not that I really use them - I prefer the couch or the human bed (especially the blond guy's pillow - that's my favourite!). but I slept on her clean towels to retaliate, anyway. It's the principle.

As you're reading this, I'm probably locked in a room with my stupid brother and my spastic sister, while all these weird, smelly, noisy humans help Momma and the blond guy carry all the boxes (they better save me one when they pull all of their junk out of them.

Or I might be shoved in that stupid crate in the car - I really hope we're not stopping at the vet. Either way, I'm totally pooping in it.

I hope you all are having a fine Saturday - mine will be better when it's all over and I get my beds back. And some cardboard. And maybe some catnip... yeah.... and a can of tuna!


Nancy Kay said...

LOL! This is great! It's always interesting to hear the story from the cat's point of view. They seem to have a special insight into life!

Araignee said...

We just went through the drama of packing up and moving Daughter's two kitties. I was the lucky one who got to drive the poor wailing things an hour to their new home. It was quite an ordeal. Now she tells me I have to come and get them and bring them here again while she has the floors refinished next week. Poor kitties. Poor me.

lexa said...

I hope all you cats made out well with the move! I remember my two moves -- it was just Simba and Nala the first time, they loved the boxes, too! The third time included Pumba, and he was pretty fond of the boxes as well. :)

Samantha said...

Pooping in the crate is not cool.

Anonymous said...

Tuna in OIL!!! Not that water packed stuff!

Good luck with the move. See you on the flip side.

RobinH said...

Hope your life is good again, full of tuna and a new home to explore, Sir Tux!