Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunshiney Sunday

Mother Nature decided to take pity on us and actually give us a day that feels like Spring! That meant a long walk for me (my friend with the broken back is out of the hospital and staying at her Mom's a few blocks away so I went for a visit). For the boys it meant open windows in the house:


I haven't had much time to knit today, but I did get a good start on the Lady Cornwall shrug last night. 
Honestly, if my co-worker hadn't picked this shrug specifically - I probably wouldn't be knitting it.  The sleeves and the back use the same chart, but they start on different rows. For the size I'm doing, the sleeves start on row 3, but the back on row 11. Since you're knitting it in one piece, it's just recipe for confusion and ripping, and no way to get to the nice "zen stage" that I usually do with a a simple lace pattern.

If you do decide to knit this, I suggest you print the chart twice, get a magnet board, and keep track with magnets. I lost my magnet board and my printer is out of ink, so I'm SOL. It's a good thing it's a small project.

And, because I needed something a little cheerier than brown on the needles (and all the socks were off)
I cast on for a new fingerless mitt design. You can't tell, but I'm using Twinkle Cat (colour is Pixie Dust). Those sparkles are just so darn fun.

What did you cast on for this weekend?


Samantha said...

Good to know about that shrug! Perhaps it's not in my near future of WIPs. I don't need confusing lace projects. LOL

I love the pink. Can't wait to see them finished! :)

Otis was happy to have open windows too. :)

Araignee said...

I hate when patterns do that thing where they start in different places. Cabled sweaters do that and it drives me crazy. I end up with charts all over the place.
Yay for the sunny day. It is still cold here. No open windows yet even though we were promised a warm weekend. :(

Sue said...

I knit the same shrug for my daughter and just wrote down side by side the rows and marked them off as I went, it made the knitting a lot faster and easier to know where I was up to.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

It was great weather today, wasn't it? My cat spent the day soaking up the sun at the patio doors.

That shrug would drive me nuts! You're a saint for doing it!

Rachelle said...

I still want to knit that shrug, I love the end result too much not to.

Nancy Kay said...

Whoa. The shrug pattern looks like a healthy challenge! I'm interested in seeing the final product, though. The pink fingerless mitts look so feminine; can't wait to see what they look like as well!!

Anonymous said...

I cast on weird socks -- Mini Mochi. We'll see how they actually turn out.

I get pretty excited about sparkles and an open window too. ;-)

gayle said...

I'm trying to think of a valid reason for starting the sleeves and body on different rows, and seriously not coming up with anything. I'd have said "No way" and re-written the pattern to be sensible (to me, anyway), I think...