Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paving a new path - My new road is paved with salad

This is my first post in the blog-a-long- Paving a new path. 

My Goal: Get to healthier weight by eating better and getting more active.

Project start: April 11, 2013
Weight at start of project: 210 lbs
Goal weight 160lbs.
Current weight: 207lbs.

I've decided to start slow- making one small change at a time. The major thing I want to do is change what I am eating. The biggest spot where I have problems with this is at work. It's so easy to run to the restaurant downstairs and get a couple of spring rolls and big dish of sweet and sour chicken (mmmm sugar sauce....). Not only was it taking it's toll on my bank account - but on my body too. In 2012 alone, I easily put on 20 lbs.

And this really is something that's easy to change. It just takes a little forethought. So two weeks ago, I went to the grocery store and stocked up on salad supplies (read - lettuce - I don't really do other vegetables). One of my coworkers (the shrug recipient) has just gone through a dramatic, successful weight loss - her thing is lots of protien. And that's great for me - I love meats and cheeses and fortunately - chicken is one of my favourites.

So, the Sunday before my first week of tackling this goal, I roasted up some extra chicken with dinner, and put it away for lunch. A little chicken, a little shredded cheddar, a little light Italian - and you know - that salad wasn't half bad. So I did it again. And again!

I'd love to say that I took my lunch every day for the last two weeks.... but hey.... at least 60% of the the time isn't too bad for a start right? AND!!!- I'm already down three pounds.

My immediate goal is to get my healthy lunches up to 80% of the time (4 days a week). I'll let you know at the end of May how that's going.

Another coworker has also committed to start walking on at least three lunches a week with me - so come Tuesday, I'll be adding a little activity into my day as well.

So, I'm starting out with small steps - but every one is telling me that will help make them lasting steps.



Minding My Own Stitches said...

Sounds like you have a great plan. I usually buy one of those huge Quinoa salads at Costco and then divide it up into enough portions to take one for lunch every day. If I don't have lunches pre-made, I usually end up eating out.

Anonymous said...

Small steps are the easiest ones to keep doing! Congrats on the changes.

I'm right there with you cheering you on.

Araignee said...

Yay! I've made some dietary changes myself and although I have not weighed in, I feel better and at my age that's what counts most. Now I need to get moving more. No excuses.

Rachelle said...

One of my main weight loss triggers is cutting out the sugar; that definitely makes a difference. Fats don't seem to make me fat, but I'm addicted to sugar which definitely does! I'll be watching with interest, doing something similar here.

Alisha said...

I started reading the book wheat belly a few weeks back. Oh my. So much info. I am hoping wheat free is what I need to reach my goal finally.

The info in the book really makes sense as to why I have struggled with what I always perceived as my lack of will power. I have always been so active.....through the roof active. I should easily be at my pre kid weight. But after reading I do think wheat has been an issue and not with just reading but trying. The fullness I feel eating differently, extra energy, lack of the urge to repeatedly over eat. It is crazy.

Since taking wheat pretty much out of my diet I am shocked at the lack of cravings. I have to remind myself to eat.

It is more work to prepare food and I spent $40 at the bulk barn....$15 on almond flour lol but considering what I would eat before that is a small price actually.

Way to go to get your health on track. I am excited to see your progress and those before and after photos when you reach your goal!!!!

I look forward to my before and afters too!!

Nancy Kay said...

Good for you!! Stick with it!

The two photos and captions are so darned cute! Love them.

RobinH said...

Good luck! I'm sort of trying this myself at the moment- more to get fit than anything else, since we're planning a lot of hiking for our vacation later this year. So far...well, my feet are sore, which will make them tougher. At least that's my theory!

Knatolee said...

I haven't had to pack a lunch in ages (work at home) but I used to send Gordon off with the leftovers from suppers made in the slow cooker! That worked pretty darn well for him and got him out of the lunch-buying habit. Good luck with the changes. Just go slow and be patient with yourself! :)

And walking is the most perfect exercise! You go, gril.