Saturday, August 10, 2013


As you know, the boys love to go outside. They only ever go out supervised, and I usually end up bringing them in far sooner than they'd like.

Peno however, beyond watching the birds, has never shown much interest beyond the back door. That is ....until recently. 
"It smells interesting out here"
We've got dogs on either side of us, so when we are out there, I leave the door open for Tux. As soon as he hears a dog bark, he's back inside.

The other day, I was sitting in my chair, watching the boys eat grass (and wondering if they'd be kind enough to barf it back up outside, or wait until we got in and do it in the middle of the bathmat...). I looked over, and saw Miss Peno, tentatively poking her head out the door.
"Maybe just a step or two"

I sat there quietly, knowing any sudden moves would make her bolt back in.
"Hmm.. this smells tasty"

I did have to shoo her from my rose bush (Which is doing fantastic, by the way, got a new bud coming on it!) but she didn't run back inside right away.
"Yeah - that's right! I'm a brave cat - just like my brothers!"

She stood on the ledge for a few minutes, but then....
"Wait! What was that?? It sounds like a monster!!!!"

I have no idea what it was she heard, but she didn't like it. 
"Maybe I'll just watch from in here....
Poor kitty. But I'll keep the door open for her. Maybe one day she'll make it onto the grass. (Please ignore the disgusting amount of cat fur on the back of the curtain. Rocky's favorite night-time activity is to wrap himself in the bottom of it and watch the backyard through the glass.)


Araignee said...

Sweet kitty!
This morning I heard a big cat fight in the dining room-much more than their usual play. When I went to investigate I found that one of the outside kitties had learned to slide the new patio doors open and came in to terrorize her inside sister. She is very aggressive towards the two I keep inside-that's why they stay indoors all the time.
The other day I had found the door open and the inside kitty sitting outside on the deck looking terrified so now I know how that happened. Bad kitty-I've got to keep the door locked from now on.

lexa said...

lol, too cute! :)

Monika said...

Oh sweety! I hope she'll find the courage to adventure out a few more steps!

Nancy Kay said...

Great story. What a brave Miss Peno to step out of her comfort zone to do just a little exploring. Cute, cute!

RobinH said...

Brave Peno! But that can't be a disgusting amount of cat fur. Because if it is, I'll really have to do something about the much worse ones in my bedroom...

Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Poor kitty. It's tough always sitting on the inside. Hope she gets her bravery going soon.

She sure is pretty.