Thursday, August 22, 2013


We learned today that we lost a Ravelry friend to a tragic car accident. We were supposed to meet her for the first time in Virginia, but last minute family obligations kept her from coming. Now we'll never get the chance.

Mom and I both sat there in tears, separated by 80 km (she was at home, I was at work, but talking on Skype.) digesting the news, when she said "I don't know how I can get so upset about someone I don't even really know." But we are.

And it got me thinking - just because you've never met someone physically, does that mean you don't know them?

I often talk to Dave or coworkers about my blog and Ravelry friends. And that's the simple truth - though I've met very,  very few of them you in person. I do consider you friends. Through the blog and Ravelry chat rooms we all share bits of our lives. From our shared passion for knitting, has bloomed a friendship based on cat stories and yarn. You share tales about your kids and grandkids, I share stories about my nieces. We relate over the dilemma of giant-man-feet and knitting never-ending socks for them.

Whether through the blog or Ravelry, we "chat" almost every day. Physicality doesn't determine a friendship - a kind word, a shared passion travels miles, and post by post, comment by comment, true friendships are built.

And Nevergiveup, dear Vicki, your quips, your comments and your kindness will be sorely missed on the Ravelry boards.


Araignee said...

So sorry for your loss.
I can totally relate. I had an email friend that live in Montreal and we wrote weekly for 10 years. I tried to write to her in French and she tried to write to me in English in order to learn each others language. She was also to blame for reigniting my passion for knitting. When she died suddenly from a short battle with breast cancer I was devastated beyond words. I still miss her and think about her often although I had never met her in person. I was always going up to meet her but life seemed to get in the way and I will regret that forever.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I have had the pleasure of meeting several blog friends and it has always been a joyful experience. I am sad that you and your Mom did not get that chance with Vicky.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and her family.

Prudence said...

My sympathies, this is tragic Val. I agree with you about blog, Ravelry friends, especially through a creative , joint, passion, I have made lovely, caring friends (yes you can tell the difference even on these gadgets).
Your friend has touch you and most likely all who was blessed to know her. xDebi

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

oh no
oh no

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'm so sorry you missed a chance to meet in Virginia; that might have been a little bit of comfort. I do feel like I know some of my fellow Ravellers and bloggers as well.

Nancy Kay said...

My sympathies go out to you. I don't think meeting physically is necessary for a great friendship. After all, what you really share are your thoughts, your passions, and inspiring ideas. That's really how we share ourselves, and they are not physical attributes.

Knatolee said...

Belated sympathies for your loss. I've lost a couple of friends I've known only through blogging or (from the old days!) mailing lists. I think you can be friends without ever having met in person. :) So sorry you never got a chance to meet your Ravelry friend. Such a shock to lose someone so tragically.