Friday, September 6, 2013


While Labour Day is often referred to as the end of the Canadian summer, it's not quite that way in reality. The kids do go back to school, and the vacationers all come back to the office, but the weather usually stays warm well into October.

But not this year. The day after Labour Day and bam! we can barely make much 20 degrees Celsius! Now don't get me wrong, I love fall... but I prefer to ease into the seasons. We'll probably get some warmer weather in a week or two, but they are calling for a cool, wet autumn overall

And that leaves my garden in a bit of a bad spot. Remember how I said I have soooo many cherry tomatoes? When it was warm, they were ripening almost faster than I could pick them. But now that it's cooled down....
The tomato tower
I've got a lot of green tomatoes! Those plants are over six feet tall and there are four of them and they are just covered in green cherry tomatoes. If it doesn't warm up again, I have a feeling I'll be making some green tomato relish!

A few weeks ago, the pepper plants started flowering like crazy.
Does this qualify as a peck of purple peppers?
 There's two cute little pepper on the one plant. (These will probably end up in my relish!)

Baby pepper! And lots of flowers
And the beginning of one on the other.  Plus lots of flowers - but without some warm days, those flowers won't amount to much.

And then there's the strawberries. Yes, I know it's September. Yes, I know I shouldn't still have strawberries, but look...
Wee white berries!
They are tiny, but without some sun, I'm never going to get to enjoy these beauties! (And there are three more plants just like them!)

The cool weather also has me wanting to work on the French Braid Cardigan
About six inches past the armholes!

I was making good progress on it until a few weeks ago when I set it aside to work on the Layla Shawl. I should get back to it but I have to finish up one last face cloth first...
You put it on my couch - it's mine!
and then I can put them away for Christmas (if someone lets me).

How's your weather?


Anonymous said...

33c today and very humid. This afternoon we had a tremendous lightning storm. Luckily, this was a day I decided to just stay at home all day.

We won't cool off for another five or six weeks. We only have pepper plants in our "garden" and two have started producing. The third (a habanero) has flowers, but no peppers (yet). Our plants will go all winter. We put them in the garage if the rare freezing night hits.

Araignee said...

It's been very chilly here also. The last bits on the vine in the garden aren't doing much here either which is very, very weird. Another weird thing is the lack of thunderstorms this year-not one all summer. I am starting to worry about what the winter may bring.
Love those face cloths! I can see why kitty doesn't want to let them go.

Barbara Payne said...

It has been cold at night (high 30's F) here in NY but, warming to a nice low in the 70's F during the day. I absolutely love your face cloths!! I can't blame kitty for wanting to keep them :)

Nancy Kay said...

It's still unusually warm here, but next week we will get down to the 70's and low 80's. I guess that will be out intro to fall.

Rachelle said...

We've been getting some warmer days here; 18 C is the highest so far, but at least the washing is drying. Some bees around now too, and lots of aphids so having to spray the latter in a way that won't affect the former.

lexa said...

The weather here is like a switch was thrown - one week still like beautiful summer, this week was much cooler. But today was nice, it must have been around 22C. We closed our pool up today, that's always sad, it's the final nail in the coffin for summer to me!

Next week's forecast so far is high teens for the first few days, then Thursday and Friday 24C, so we shall see.

RobinH said...

Just leave the tomatoes out- they'll ripen, even if it is cooler. If there's danger of frost, you can just pick them all green and bring them inside. Lay them out on a tray and wait...they'll ripen even if they're off the vine. Not quite as sweet as vine-ripened, but still tasty.