Monday, September 30, 2013


I feel strange.

I currently have no socks on the needles. I cast off my lastest sock design Friday night, and haven't cast on for anything new. I'm trying to refrain from doing so - I have several other WIPs I'd like to clear out - one with a definite deadline - but I've got the itches to make some sock stitches.

To distract myself, I'll show you the latest finished pair.
 This is Elm Street - A pretty leaf lace panel flanked by ribs and twisted stitches.
And of course, the pattern is echoed on the back of the sock. Better pictures will come when I get a chance to get Mom to help me take some. These were knit in Barn Cat in Magical Mystery Tour. I'd love to knit another pair in a more solid colour too. I am in need of test knitters, so if anyone is interested, leave me a comment with the best way to contact you.


Araignee said...


elns said...

Beautiful socks, lovely yarn!

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

they are so beautiful!

Rachelle said...

Looking forward to testing these; last twisted stitch sock pattern I tried didn't work out due to incorrect yarn choice (handspun). This time I've got your yarn so should be good; it will be my 4th pair of socks on the needles for me.

kathy b said...

you can contact me:

kathy b

Alisha said...

I guess you have to be a fast knitter to be a test knitter lol

Cute socks!!!!