Monday, September 2, 2013

Behind the curtain

I'm not sure what it is, but I just can't seem to get a post out on the weekend lately.

It's not that I don't have anything to write about. It's not even that I'm super busy and don't have the time. I just don't seem to want to go anywhere near the computer.

But I have been knitting. Oh - I can't show you, though. I've been working very diligently on the Layla shawl. So diligently in fact, that I've knitted it right into a time out.

It's not that there's anything wrong with the pattern - it's a great pattern. I'm just having some problems executing the Estonian star flowers. And I don't know why. I've done them before - on two shawls! But they just don't want to cooperate this time. I've knit and frogged the same six rows a total of four times!!!! I need more beads anyway, so I've decided to set the shawl aside until I get more. Maybe with some time to think about what it's done, it will be more cooperative when I attempt it again.

In the mean time - there's a little bit of cuteness going on in the house. Rocky absolutely loves having a window at ground level, so we put a cat mat at the foot of the sliding door. It's where he spends most of the day. Rain or shine he's napping at the door, or keeping an eye on the backyard. Even when the curtains are drawn. Usually, the scene looks like this:
Curtain sausage!!!
He loves wrapping himself in the curtains (both the sheer and the blackout panel) And if you peek behind the curtain.....
"Can I help you?"

But the other day, I came downstairs to see this...
Kitty toes! And a tail!
 Oh to be a cat!


Araignee said...

So cute! Our kitties were broken hearted when we got the new windows and doors because I did not put the floor length drapes back up. They used to hide in them too. Even worse, the new window sills are too small for them to sit on so they are out of luck all around-poor nabies.

Anonymous said...

The thing is .....he THINKS he is totally hidden.

He is just TOO cute!

Nancy Kay said...

Really cute pictures! Love how the cat thinks he's well hidden in the curtain!

I am looking forward to seeing this shawl finished and modeled!

Samantha said...

He is adorable. Squish!