Friday, June 12, 2015

Darling doves

While I love all the birds that come to the yard, the Mourning Doves are among my favourite
"Hey neighbour, what's up?"
There's just something so sweet about them. Maybe it's that they mate for life
"Do you think I'm sexy?"
 We see quite a bit of their mating displays. And I just love watching them bob about in the yard.
"What are you lookin' at?"
And sometimes... they watch us too
"You really need to clean your windows."


kathy b said...

I love to watch and hear all birds. Your favorite has that mournful coo

Araignee said...

I love them too! The sound they make is so eerie. I hardly ever see them but I hear them out in the woods calling to each other. I didn't know they were so pretty.

Anonymous said...

LOL Doves golly, we have a bazillion of them around here. Dumb as rocks! LOL But, so very sweet and peaceful.

elns said...

I love them too. But my reasons are very shallow. I love chubby things. Chubby birds? I about fall off the branch for them. Love the photos.