Friday, June 5, 2015

New blooms

 The Pink Fairy Baby's Breath has bloomed!
 You can see that the plant is still struggling from a leaf perspective, but I'll take those tiny flowers any day.

I mentioned that only one of the Ameria survived. At first I thought it was the white one
 But as you can see it's turning red. Another day or so and it will be in full bloom.

The Forget-Me-Nots are waning and starting to go to seed
But they are still pretty and full of life. I'm hoping to get more on clearance when the garden center closes up for the year.

And speaking of full of life.
If these sunflowers grew any faster, I could see them growing. I planted some at Dad's too. I can't wait to check and see how they are doing this weekend.


Araignee said...

How pretty! I love Baby's Breath. I've never seen pink before.
The honeysuckle is in bloom here out in the woods and it smells wonderful.

kathy b said...

We think we see Fezziks growth daily too!
I love sunflowers. How do you keep the birds from taking them up at this stage? I always had them being picked off

Anonymous said...

The red flower looks like it will be interesting! :-)

Happy gardening!