Saturday, September 12, 2015

Be careful what you wish for

All last week, I was upset that it was too hot to do a photoshoot of April Come She May. Then the cooler weather came, but apparently Mother Nature doesn't like moderates... it's now 14 degrees (57 for my Americano  pals) and pouring rain... so I still can't do my photoshoot.

It's one of those dreary, damp days, where the cold just seeps in and it's hard to warm up. Especially hard if you spent the morning in a cold and drafty garage waiting for new tires to be installed (though Stella loves her new rubber and I got a good chunk done on Undine).

While I've been trying to warm up with yarn and quilts, and warm cider and furry friends...
...Mom's been busy getting into the fall mood in the studio.
She's just updated the shop with these awesome Hallowe'en themed stripers.

There a few other stripers in there (Sock it to your Monkey, and Double Scoop) as well as some odds and ends we found lying around. Take a look, and if you're chilly like me, it will help you think some warm thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Rocky is a good kitty keeping his mama warm! :-)

WildflowerWool said...

I refuse to turn the heat on but it is cold in the house this morning!!

kathy b said...

I refuse too to turn on the heat. Its warming up again today and we are in for aperfect porch week ..Knit on!