Thursday, September 17, 2015

On point

So far, I've resisted the urge to cast on Ocracoke (though it's only been a day.. I can't vouch for what will happen tomorrow.

Instead, I cast on for the Christmas Sandpoint.
I'm using the Regia 6-ply Tweed that I said I was going to return.  (As you can see, Tux thinks this was a fabulous decision.) After much mulling it over, I decided to keep what I had, and use the discount they offered to buy the remaining skeins I needed (along with some yarn for two other Christmas projects, so I could take advantage of the free shipping offer too.)

This was for several reasons
1) I really liked the Regia. I like the colour, I like the way it feels, and it's perfect for the recipient because just like Regia sock yarn, it wears well and washes well.
2) I probably wasn't going to find anything I like any cheaper, and in enough time to knit it for Christmas.
3) It was just too much of a pain to return it.

So, with the extra yarn ordered and on its way, I cast on. As most of it is plain stocknit, and it's done in pieces (not seamless), this is going to be travel knitting and evening knitting. Dad's blankie will be weekend knitting. And the second pair of Undines will fill in when I need a break. With any luck, I can have the sweater done by the end of October... and maybe the blanket too... or at least the colourwork squares.

Honestly, I'm starting to get a little antsy already about all the stuff I want to do for Christmas... I'm going to have to sit down and do a spread sheet to put my mind at ease.


Araignee said...

#2 Son just asked if I could knit him a cardigan for Christmas. Hahahahahaha...that be NO.

Chris Behme said...

You can do it! I am amazed how quickly you turn out knit items. Go girl go!

Rachelle said...

That's going to look great once it's done, the colour is just right! I'm working on Strokkur for myself at the moment, am about to start the hip decreases heading into the waist area.
Dh wants more socks, but he's going to have to wait till I finish my current pair of travel socks, the next pair will be his, in DK.

elns said...

I think it was you that started my Christmas concerns. In a way it was good and in a way it has sent me to the treadmill. I think a spreadsheet might up the anxiety, ha! I love the color and the yarn and the pattern looks like a winner to me.