Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Living in the jungle

Well, we haven't gotten a full frost yet, but it's been steadily cold enough that I brought all the remaining movable plants indoor. (though this week shot back up to summer temps). Dave keeps muttering about living in a jungle, but I quite like it. And besides, there's no guarantee it will last all winter.. we all know I could kill everything by then.

The Nasturtiums seem to be enjoying it
Just look at this pretty bloom
I do hope this one lasts for a while longer at least.

Over in the little faerie garden, the wooly thyme is doing something interesting
The ends of all the vines are throwing up these new tender sprouts... I guess it's happy.

The Kalanchoe isn't quite as happy as it was outside
The flowers are no longer the vibrant pink they were, but it's still blooming so I guess that's ok.

The mini rose has had a much tougher time
It came in the form of spider mites. I think I got rid of them, but by the time I was done, much of the plant was dead and brown. I cut it all back, and I'm hoping these few green stalks will flourish again.

Much to the cats' delight, the cat nip was brought in as well
Like the rose, it's seen better days (thanks to all the neighbourhood felines who came by for a nibble), but there's a fair bit of new growth in there too
Here's hoping it's going to be a very green winter.


Samantha said...

All my plants have died. My fairy garden is hanging on, but doesn't look great. Black thumbs here. Next time Dave says you live in a jungle start singing GnR's Welcome to the Jungle. Just do it every time. LOL

Anonymous said...

Gotta get that 'nip growing. Winter is long and even longer without enough catnip. LOL

kathy b said...

I just grow my bamboo indoors. I may get an AIR plant. My sons grows them > I shy away from soil due to the cats

Araignee said...

I just brought in my two houseplants that summer outside and now the house is full of spiders. I should have hosed them down first. The plants-not the poor spiders.