Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Red Hot

I'm very happy to report that I have one ankle sock done and off the needles. I'd be much more proud of this, except for the fact that they are only size 6 anklets....and I cast on at the beginning of the month.  Oh well, as long as I get the second one done before the end of the month, I won't complain.

One of the (many) reason's knitting has been slower than usual is my nails. I had them done for our ceremony, but didn't have the money for the upkeep (They are acrylic... I am a terrible nail biter). But they started getting too long, making knitting slower, if not down right difficult.

But today, I'd had enough. I was starting to have trouble typing ,and since 50% of my job is typing, I popped out on my lunch and had them seen too.
A fill, a good trim and a nice new polish and we are back on track! (I think I might even have the mermaid fins worked out!)
Rocky says "I'm ready for my manicure now!"


Araignee said...

I really want to cuddle that kitty!

Anonymous said...

Your wedding ring and mine are somewhat similar. We both have infinity knots, but mine are cut out --- where yours are solid.

Rocky cracks me up. The top of his head blends in very well with the blanket. LOL

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Your nails look lovely. I'm always super impressed by the long-nailed women who can type and dial phones! It's beyond me!

elns said...

I'm a short fingernail kind of person so I understand. I usually just get a buff no fill / color since I feel like I'm banging these fingers against something all the time, keyboards, soapy dishes etc! Love your nail polish color!

Rocky can have a manicure or whatever he likes, he's such a good looking cat!

kathy b said...

Rocky!! the nails are gorgeous but definitely need up keep. The no chip feature is just the bomb!

Judy S. said...

What a cute, trusting kitty!

Rachelle said...

I'm lucky in that I don't bite my nails and they grow to a decent length, but I've got to be careful as they go very quickly from "just right" to "damn, I broke a nail". I've currently got a couple that are recovering from breakages, probably due to stress I suspect. As soon as they've grown out I'm going to put gel polish on them; I love that stuff!