Saturday, June 3, 2017


With the warm weather here, it was time to dig out G'Nomeo.
I keep meaning to spruce him up and when I brought him out this year, I realized just how faded he'd gotten. The wind and sun are really hard on him - he needed work ASAP. So I gathered my paints and spent part of an afternoon giving him a refresh.
That's much better! I gave him a couple coats of clear coat, so hopefully I won't have to touch him up for a few more years.
He's now making mischief in the raspberries, as he should be.

An when the girls were down on March Break, they accompanied me to Michaels to check out the fairy garden supplies. I have a mini-gnome who lives in the tree garden amongst the sedum. And he needed a home(or at least a door!).
Rowan picked out this one and it's just perfect.
I've got some more arranging to do, and I'd like to get him some more accessories, but think he's got a lovely little yard so far.


Anonymous said...

So sweet!

Gnomeo is quite handsome now.

I just remembered ...........there is one of those garden gnomes in the attic at our Orlando house. Oh well, I guess it will be a little surprise for the new owner. LOL

Delighted Hands said...

How clever! I want to make a fairy garden....I would have loved to sit and imagine by this as a girl (and still now, truth be known!)

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I love fairy gardens!!! My daughter-in-law has one too. They just make me happy. I have an overwhelming desire to just sit dowm amongst them and play.

Araignee said...

I walk past that section in the craft stores and always wonder what people do with all those little fairy things. Now I know. I think that is just too cute!!!

Troy Boyer said...

OH your mini gnome is so darn cute!!!!! I love the fairey garden !

Mereknits said...

Love your paint touch up, Mr Gnome looks very happy. I also love the little fairy garden.