Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fantastic 40

40 years ago, two crazy teenagers met, fell in love and got hitched. Naturally, a baby boy soon followed. A couple years later, together they created the creative, cat-loving genius behind Wandering Cat Yarns! ME!

But this isn’t about me (as awesome as I am…) this is about them… my parents, who not have not only survived 40 years of marriage, but the majority of those years with me as their offspring!
So to celebrate, we’re offering all of you 40% off all yarn in the shop**. 

That’s right! FORTY PERCENT!

From now until Monday, July 3, use the code 40YEARS and save!

**Cranking services, pre-made socks, and gift certificates not included.


Araignee said...

The big 40? Wow...that's a lot of mileage!

Cat Lover said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents Valerie!

Delighted Hands said...

It is a milestone to hit the 40th! Congratulations to them both!
Thanks for the sale!

kathy b said...

WOW 40% off . I have to go look and big happiness to them both

Vera said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents Val! Just realized I could be your Mom (Fletch and I celebrated 37 years in May)!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to your Mom and Dad.

I could be your mom too ............Steve and I will celebrate our 38th in September).

Just think, you could have Vera and I as Moms!!!! LOL