Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sun Flowers

Not those sunflowers... not yet... but we have
 Double-blooming Susans
Snap Dragons
And Posies!!!!

I know what you're thinking...

"Wasn't that pink? And lacier?"

I was... but as I neared the end of the Posey Bonnet, I decided it wasn't quite what I wanted. So the pink cashmere version got frogged. The leftover yarn from Crimson Blossom was sitting in front of me, and I thought... a silk bonnet is even nicer than a cashmere one. And the yellow is such a happy shade. So  I cast on and knit away, and I think I've got it how I want it.

I put it on the blocking board last night, but before it went there, I tried it on Little Miss Wren. She's just past three months now, and it just fits her. So once she's done modelling this one for the pattern, I'll give it to her. I'll knit a bigger one for the fair, and afterwards, she can have that one too. A baby can never have too many bonnets, right?


Delighted Hands said...

Brilliant post-I love all the yellow flowers leading to the best posies of all!!
Excellent work!

Anonymous said...

Posies turned out very cute. I love that sunny yellow color.

Patty Andrews said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful bonnet! I did not know sedum could have yellow flowers?! I have the pink flowering variety. I'm checking my local nursery to look for some. A person can never have enough yellow in their garden!

kathy b said...

The flower posts make me feel so happy!! As for bonnets, one can never have enough. I love the yellow

chrisknits said...

So sweet, and perfect in that sunny yellow!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I love it in yellow too. I think you made the right decision.