Monday, December 10, 2007

Meet the Wandering Cats

Wandering Cat Studio was named in loving memory of my cat Kobiashi
Sadly Kobiashi died in December 2004. I named th studio after him because his antics and cattitude were a great inspiration.

While Kobi may be gone, I have these three monsters to provide inspiration now:

Rockster Weewiggles (Rocky)

Rocky is the newest addition to the studio. He came to take over the house hold in late July. He was a barn cat at my Granparents, the only one of his litter to survive. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad is all I have to say.

Princess Jalapeno Shybaby (Peno)
Peno is very much a little princess. She minces around with delicate little steps, and stares at you with that imperious stare when you're not paying enough attention to her. Peno was a feral cat, live trapped when she was about six months old. She spent three years at the rescue where I adopted her from because she was so scared, no one got a chance to see her to adopt her. When I brought her home she spent the first three weeks under my bed.... she's now out constantly, except when I have company... then it's back under the bed. Unless it's Dave. She loves Dave.

Sir Tuxedo Thunderpaws (Tux)
Tux rules the roost - though Rocky is giving him a run for his money. Tux came from the same rescue as Peno (The pair were my housewarming gift from my mom) and he is my snuggly boy. Tux likes to sleep on my head, but it's okay because he has the best purr andit lulls me to sleep. Sometimes he likes to hog the bed, but that's okay too because he keeps it warm. This cat is the very definition of Cattitude.

So, on to progress....

This is a necklace and earring set I made for my Editor for Christmas. It's made with peacock fresh water pearls. Nneka is a very fashionable woman, and she can carry off very bold looks, so I think this will suit her well.

Here is some progess on the feather and fan afghan.. Tux approves


Samantha said...

Has it been three years since you lost Kobi already? Hard to believe ... three years has only felt like one.

Your kitty babies are cute. Tux looks like a miserable old coot though. LOL

Love the earrings/necklace set. Gorgeous. Nice blanket too. :)

Rhonda said...

Nice jewelery. Not my cup of tea, but nice work.
Happy Birthday.