Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bad Blogger, Bad Knittter, Bad Sewer, Bad Housecleaner, BAD, BAD, BAD

Forgive the non-blogness...

I've just started a new job (another job in addition to the one I already have) and I am working on the prospect of a freelance contract, and I've been one busy little bee.
(Yes Bree, if you're reading.. I stole it... muhahaha, but you'll forgive me in a minute)
This awesome Bee picture was taken by my friend Bree. She is a wicked-awesome photographer, especially her nature photos (though she's taken a few lovely one's of yours truly) Check her out HERE
She does weddings, family and pet portraits etc.
Anyway, back to my beeness. Where I haven't been busy is in the everywhere else department. My knitting got almost totally neglected. Dave and I went to my grandparents so he could work on the tractor (which still isn't running properly) and I totally could have knit there, but I didn't. Then we went to mom's... She and Jenn were knitting.. Dave got roped into sanding a bumper (though dad swears he volunteered) so I totally could have knit there, but I didn't I did finish the third ruffle on the wrap I'm knitting on Sunday, while Dave was relaxing having a "Day of War" (It was mistake to introduce the boy to the History channel). I still have one ruffle left to do though.
I didn't get anywhere near my sewing machine, and it's still buried under a mountain of mess in the studio.
So this week's goal... clean... knit... and maybe get some sewing done. I have to work Sunday, so that's unlikely...
Wish me luck!

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Jenn said...

I think everyone's been slacking lately. Except me..for once. LOL It's usual me that's a huge blogger/knitter/everything.