Thursday, May 1, 2008

$@%& LACE!

I think I've really had enough of lace weight yarn..... the lovely Gillian at Vineyard Alpacas gave me skiens upon skiens of her beautiful 100 per cent alpaca yarn to make some stuff for her shop. I've made two simple wraps and a shrug, and yep... I've had enough. For the past week I've been trying to start a new project, and I knit about 10 inches, I look at it, feel utterly overwhelmed and to the frog pond it goes..... and I still have skeins upon skiens of it left... I think it may be time to double up, and knit something a little heavier.. or maybe I should lay off wraps for a while and knit a couple more shrugs.

I was so depressed I cast on a Christmas present. This one is for Rowan, who has yet to make her debut (expected at the begining of June, but apparently is already "in position" and could come any time) It's a baby shrug from the Fall 2007 Knit Simple and it's absolutley adorable (and I don't go all gushy at baby stuff) Of course it's done in baby weight, and well....... I bought some nice, quick knitting worsted and adjusted the pattern. (Dave was laughing at me because I spent half-an-hour at Wal-mart "fondling" the giant balls... of yarn. Some of the acrylic feels pretty crappy.)

After only and hour-and-a-half of knitting I'm almost half done. Take that lace weight!
After a little more pattern adjusting, big sister Pee will be getting a matching one for Christmas too. Gotta love giant balls... of yarn with lots of metreage! (Mom - remind me that I have to measure her this weekend)
I've decided that this year everyone is either getting knitted gifts for Christmas, or hand drawn ones. I have a load of green yarn I bought on sale at Mary Maxim, so I expect to make a lot of green hats.
In other news, while I was working Sunday, Dave was a sweetie and moved my old mattress and boxspring downstairs so it's easier for me to put outside when I finally get around to calling the garbage men to come pick it up. (No, I can't donate it... it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too worn out)
I like to think that he did it because he really wants to be helpful, but I suspect it was more because it was in his studio and he was tired of looking at it while he was songwriting.
Of course now it's in my front hall.. and the kids think it's their new jungle gym.
I've seen how Rocky gets up there.. and I imagine Tux gets up there the same way, but I've never actually seen him do it. It's really hard to picture him scaling it, paw over paw, draggin his fat behind up.. but that must be how he does it.
And of course, like most kids they can't share

Rocky didn't really win the fight, Tux just got bored and left... it's that... or I was in the kitchen with food. I guess I'll have to splurge for a cat tree house.

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Samantha said...

I hate lace. Its pretty but it takes too much effort. LOL

My cats like to climb stuff like that too. I'm always shocked when fat Milo is somewhere "athletic" with Otis.