Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The one that got away... so far...

If there's ever going to be a cat that curiosity kills.... it's going to be this one

Rocky is the nosiest cat I have ever seen. When I do laundry, he has to sit on the washing machine and watch it fill... every single time. The washer never does anything new, but as soon as he hears me padding down the stairs to the basement, he's right under my feet, ready to pounce on the washer as soon as I open the lid.

The toilet is just as fascinating. When Dave's here out of politeness I close the door when I do my business... but that doesn't fly with Rocky. He beats on the door until I open it and the minute I stand up to flush, he's standing too, paws on the side of the seat watching the water swirl away.

It's a rare occasion when I have a bath by myself. Usually he sits on the side of the tub and dips his tail in. He's fallen in several time, but it still doesn't deter him. His favourite part is when the plug comes out and all the water drains away. When it's down to the last little bit he even jumps into the tub to chase it down.

Once, I unknowingly left a pot of vegetable oil uncovered on the stove (I had made french fries) and he came bouncing up to bed, covered from head to toe in oil. I'm not sure if he went for a swim or just had a messy meal. If oil and water don't mix, cats and oil and water (the resulting bath) most certainly don't.

I recently got a vacuum cleaner (and on a totally unrelated tangent... I am never ever sweeping my floors again... not that I did it very often, but I want to kiss whoever invented vacuums for bare floors) and Tux (who's a total pansy) and Peno (who's ... well Peno) disappears as soon as it's turned on. Rocky? Rocky stalks it. He boots out of the way as soon as it turns toward him, but he tries to sneak up on it... pacing a few feet behind me... I've tripped over him more than once.

However his biggest fascination is the Bowflex. I bought Dave a Bowflex a few weeks ago for his birthday (okay really I bought it for me, but he gets a skinny girlfriend as his present eventually) and Rocky thinks it's just the coolest thing. Most of the time, he's chilling out on the base, sprawled out like a Sphinx. When I'm using it, however, he gets far more excited. I'm not sure if it's watching the bows (which he's gotten in the head once or twice) or the cords, or if it's just the novelty of me actually exercising, but as soon as he sees me in my sweats headed for the machine he's there. For a while I was able to keep him safe on the bed a few feet away, with a firm "No" every time he stood up to come over and get in the way. Last week, however, "no" wasn't going to do it. I was doing leg extensions and he let out the most pitiful cry and came barrelling across the room, jumped in my lap and then proceeded to climb my chest. Fortunately the seat is on a slight recline, so it wasn't so much of a climb that it required claws. He laid across my chest with his paws up over my left shoulder and purred, contentedly watching the bows while I finished exercising.

The cat is seriously messed up

In other news, I haven't been getting much knitting done. Dave got me Civilizations and I've been a little busy, what with my quest for world domination and all.

So until I have some knitting content to post... here is a picture of some of the wool mom and I recently dyed. The colours are: (L-R) Summer Vineyard, Bluebells and Cockleshells, Sunflower Garden and Louis' Last Sunrise.

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Samantha said...

Rocky is funny. He has a good personality. Oh and he's super cute to boot!

I love the yarn! They are all excellent ... I think I like Sunflower Garden and Louis' Last Sunrise the best. Not sure which of those two is my favourite tho. Well done!

Good luck with the world domination thing. I'm sure you'll manage. :)