Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Fortunately, Unfortunately was an improv game we used to play in drama class in high school. You'd pair up and one person would start something like this:

"Fortunately... we won $1,000."

To which the other person would reply"

"Unfortunately... it was Monopoly money."

And then:

"Fortunately... the store clerk didn't notice."

"Unfortunately... the store manager did."

And so on...
So here is my fortunately, unfortunately for the week:

Fortunately... I got the week off work

Unfortunately... it's because I hurt my back
Fortunately... it gives me loads of knitting time

Unfortunately... I'm in near constant pain

Fortunately... I have lots of Christmas projects to knit

Unfortunately... all I want to work on is the shawl for myself

Fortunately... I have some will power, and have been working on mittens to go with the hats that I made

Unfortunately... I am using up scrap yarn.... and don't always have enough for both mitts

Fortunately... I'm trying new things with my knitting
Unfortunately... that means trying socks (I really don't like the four needle thing)

Fortunately, I have some company this week

Unfortunately, all they want to do is this:

Well back to lie down (I'm not supposed to be sitting up at all) I'll be back soon with a wicked hat pattern!

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Angelika said...

Lot's of pros and cons there. I hope your find more pros. If you don't like the DPNs, try to switch to a cable or two of them, if you like that technique better. Works for me either way. Good luck and feel better.