Monday, January 5, 2009

A finished object...

... but it's not knitting... but it's knitting related.
Waaaaaaay back in ...oh heck... I think it was July... I did a HUGE bead order. A Gianormous bead order.. the biggest one I've ever done. In it was a bunch of pewter charms that I had intended to make into stitch markers to sell. I (almost completely) forgot about them until today, when I was getting ready to place another bead order (I've picked up a new store to carry my work and I have to get him some stock by the end of the month. He's a specialy shop - motorcycle gear- so I have to get some specialized items - so bead shopping it is! Weeeeeeeeee).

Since I've cut off my cable to save some moolah (yep one day and I'm already going through Jeopardy! withdrawl. Man - Alex Trebek is hot!) I decided to finally to make some markers. Voila!
(The dragon is displayed on "Purity." I finally cast on for it just before the New Year. That's all you get to see of it though, becuase right now I'm still on the centre... just boring white stocknit stitch.)

The sets I've made so far include:

Each set contains 3 ring style markers and one with a claw. (The claw can be switched for a ring) The rings will fit needles up to 4.5 mm (the shawl is on a 5mm but it's a little tight, and interferes with the slidability). I can put larger or smaller rings on at request.

I am going to put these in my new Etsy store, but I'm not quite ready to open the store yet. (The studio will most likely be moving in the next couple of months) However, if you happen to see a set you just have to have they are $8 (CND) for the set and that includes shipping to anywhere in the world. Just email me at
Now, it's an early bed for me... there's nothing to watch on TV (of course there was nothing on before I got rid of the cable either) and I'm pooped. I haven't been sleeping well lately. This has something to do with it:

He's a bit of a toe biter.


Samantha said...

Congrats on getting a new place to sell your stuff in! AWESOME! Are you still selling at the candle store? The more places the merrier. :) Those stitch markers are cool. My faves are the cat and dog ones you made for me awhile back. I use them a lot. :)

Rhonda said...

Very nice.

Alisha said...

What great markers.

That cat under the blanket...too cute!

Jeanne said...

Very pretty markers - good luck with your new store!