Sunday, February 15, 2009

In the Cabbage Patch

It's funny how you can head out with the goal of getting one thing, and end up with something completely different. On Valentine's Day, Dave took me out (well, actually made me drive) to get parts for my dryer. It was squealing like a banshee and he couldn't stand the noise. While on the hunt for an idler pully and a new belt (funny, I think I had those parts replaced in my car a little while ago), he decided he wanted to stop at every buy and sell place we saw (he's looking for guitar stuff). In the course of the day we ended up in Value Village, where a I came across a naked Cabbage Patch Kid in remarkably good condition.
When visiting Gramma, my niece is always playing with Laurie Augusta, my Cabbage Patch Kid who I just don't have the heart to part with. She can stay at Gramma's but she can't go anywhere else.
Anyway, this one was only $4, so I bought her and I'm going to surprise my niece this Easter with her, and a trousseau of clothes. When I was a kid, mom made Laurie Augusta lots of clothes. I had crochet dresses, corderoy overalls, a knitted skirt, jammies - tonnes of stuff. Unfortunately, most of her wardrobe has gone missing over the years, she's down to only a few pieces. But I'd like Paisley's doll to have nice wadrobe just like mine did.
A few months ago, I stole Mom's box of quilting leftovers for another project. After finally mending a pair of Dave's jeans today, I didn't want to put the sewing machine away just yet. So I got out the box of fabric and went to work

As you can see, Rocky decided he needed to supervise, as usual. But despite his interference, and a few mechanical problems, I did manage to get a few things done, Including this dress:It's made from my head, based loosely on the dresses I used to make my Barbies. It lookes like I'll be designing some knitted stuff as well, as there doesn't seem to be much out there for Cabbage Patch Kids anymore. If anyone has any patterns (knitted or sewn, but not crochet... I hate crochet and it hates me back) please let me know... I'm particularily looking for a puffy bloomer pattern.

(Oh, we did end up getting our dryer parts, and now the dryer is running smoothly adn quietly,.. though I kind of mis my banshee)


Jeanne said...

Very cute - I'm sure your niece will love it1

Jenn said...

Awwee, that's too cute. Love the dress. Can't wait to see the rest of the outfits. :-)
She will love it!

Samantha said...

Cute! You do know they still sell Cabbage Patch Kids, right? They're not as awesome as the old ones, but they're out there. :)

I still have my cabbage patch kid. Her name is Jenny Miranda. She came with the name Naomi Ivy, but when I was little I thought it was a gross name so I changed it. LOL

LeenieBeenie said...

When I was little I had a red-headed cabbage patch doll (like me) and my grandma used to make her all sorts of clothes as well. Some of the dolls are different today than they used to be and they don't sell a lot of different ensembles and if they do they are way overpriced. I think that making your own is much more saavy anyways and you get the look that you like. Cute dress by the way.