Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well... Purity has gone right out the window...

You may recall that way back in December I cast on for this beautiful shawl:

I got a hell of a lot of work done on it while at a New Year's Eve party. (much to the fascination of the guests who were astounded by the fact that not only do people under 30 knit, they also drink scotch and smoke Cuban cigars)

Unfortunately, when I got home, I realized that (despite the fact I'd already knit the shawl once and should know better) I hadn't read the pattern right, and was increasing wrong. To the frog pond it went.

About a month later I cast on again. This time it seemed to take forever, even though I was increasing properly (and twice as often).

It got set aside for a while until I finally decide to pick it up the other day. I've been knittng with a bamboo circular, but it's not pointy enough, so I decided to swtich to a metal one.

I went to look at what size needle I was using (the pattern calls for 5.5, but I dont have that, so I used what I had, but I couldn't rember if it was a 5 or a 6 mm) only to discover I was using a 4.25mm!

Now, I'm not a perfectionist... and it is only a shawl... but there is no way it would work out right with a 4.25 mm. So, it's back in the frog pond and I'm too discouraged to cast on again... for a while anyway.

Instead I've cast on for Icarus.

I've loved this shawl since I first saw it. I still consider myself a beginning lace knitter, but I think this is a good shawl for me. The majority of it is pretty basic, and so far it's going swimmingly.

I'm almost done the first chart (Yes mom... I'm actually following a chart).

I'm using the silk that I hand-painted myself. (A colourway I've called Bloodstone)

The painting of this yarn was kind of a happy accident. I got a lovely mottled green shade, and as I was moving bottles around I accidently dripped red on it. So... I just dripped red all over the rest of it and the result was beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised.

In other news... Dave is busy with his car and a student's concert today, so I got a Saturday to myself. (Which doesn't happen very often) So, the kids and I slept in until noon (well, I got up at 7:30 and put food in their dishes so they'd let me sleep in until noon.)

We got all our bead photography done and you can now help me destash at Wandering Cat Beads (see my sidebar). More beads will be added daily.

We've also been working on another project I can't wait to finish. Remember Frankenghan? (No it's not quite finished, but one day I will finish it.)

I've wanted to do the spiral afghan properly for a while... but I'm not really fond of Noro. Well, a few weeks ago I went to Lens and treated myself to some Patons SWS in an absolutely gorgeous colourway - Natural Rose.

It's going to look terrific with my quilt (when I get that done...). Unfortunately, I'm going to have to share it. Every time I set it down, I turn around to find a different cat on it.
Rocky also likes to wander off the the balls.


Rhonda said...

The colour does look great. And maybe you shouldn't drink scotch and smoke cigars until you're a more seasoned knitter.

LeenieBeenie said...

I love your bloodstone yarn, very beautiful. I am sorry to hear that the first shawl has got you down. It will work out. I feel for you when it comes to your cats, my ginger cat waits til' everyone is asleep then he drags the balls of yarn out of my knitting basket and brings them to me and lays them on me. I'd like to think that it was because he appreciates my knitting but I think that he has ulterior motives.

Angelika said...

I see that 10 stitch blanket popping up a lot. Might be worth a try? What shawl is that first one, the one you frogged so many times?