Saturday, May 9, 2009

In the garden

I've only got a few minutes here, so it's gotta be a quick post. Dave gave up the computer to go clean his car (there's something like three dust motes in it so it must be completely detailed)

I've been out in the garden most of the day... finally chopping back my wild roses. (Thank you to dad for lending me a proper pair of pruners... so much easier than the kitchen scissors.)

Remember what it looked like a couple of weeks ago?

This is what it looks like now
I still need to weed, but it looks much better.... and in the back left corner, you can see my peonies are getting ready to bloom. Of course in two weeks the roses will be right back to where they were, but in the mean time I can get in, weed, throw down some mulch and they aren't taking over my lawn.

While I was out in the garden I went down the side of the house and discovered this:
A whole lawn full of tiny white violets
I've seen the leaves in my lawn before, but they've never bloomed... I guess they were just too young.

These, of course, will all get mowed down (like the grape hyacinths) so I dug some up and put them in pots for Mom and my grandma to plant in their gardens. And I put some in my back garden.
I only have orange lilies back there. The soil is really sandy and I've never bothered to amend it. I think I will this year, and hopefully these little cuties will take it over.

Now, I was going to spend the rest of the afternoon dying yarn.... but I don't have enough saran wrap and I'm flat broke so I can't even hop over to the store to by some. I guess I'll go read and enjoy the sun before the wind blows in another thunder storm


Jeanne said...

Very nice garden! I love violets - one of my favorite flowers...

Knitting Linguist said...

I love those violets! Enjoy the sun :)