Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank goodness it's over

Long weekends are supposed to be for kicking back, relaxing and maybe imbibing a little alcohol should the mood strike. While there was a little alcohol involved (man I love strawberry flavoured wine) there was NO relaxing.

Dave can't stand to sit still, and this weekend found me tagging along on a variety of projects including the installation of two doors (one for the parents, the other for the grandparents) the installation of back brakes, then two days later the front brakes (why we can't install them all at once is beyond me) , as well as an emissions test and a jaunt through flea market/garage sale land.

While I wasn't involved in any of the heavy work (other than running for the odd tool and some painting of door trim) just being dragged around was enough to wear me out.

I had full intentions of doing nothing but knitting ALL weekend. I did manage to get some done, but not as much as I would like.

Dad father's day socks are finished:I'm up to the armholes on the Rose Shrug:
This project should be going a lot quicker. I cast it on as an instant gratification project, but I just haven't had the time to work on it - thanks Dave.

And while I'm whining about my only-sometimes-better-half...

I love him.. I really do. He does my dishes, and we all know how much I hate dishes... but he NEVER puts anything in it's proper place when he puts them away.

Now it's no secret I'm not the tidiest person. On any given day, my living room looks like this:But other parts of my life are obsessively-compulsively organized. My beads, my books, my CDs.... and my cupboards. All my utensils are sorted by size, mugs go in one cupboards, glasses in another, plates are NEVER stacked on top of bowls, larger items are NEVER stacked on top of smaller items etc.

Dave however, just shoves everything in the cupboard willynilly. He's broken a glass casserole as well as my glass bread pan, both by making Jenga towers of my pots and pans (though he denies it and says it's my fault.) You don't even want to see my tupperware cupboard. In fact I'm scared to open it because I'm sure there will be an avalanche.

The other thing he did this week... filled up the cat food container, which normally would be a really nice thing - he rarely ever does things like that and prefers to tell the cats they need to skip a few meals (they are all pretty chubby). I'd be really delighted except for this:That round silver thing at the bottom is the scoop.. now buried under all the cat food because he didn't take it out before he filled it.

Now the question is.. did he do it on purpose? Or was he just being lazy?


Samantha said...

LMAO. He's such a guy.

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh my goodness -- I have to admit I'm laughing pretty loudly over here. That looks exactly like something one of my daughters would do! And then she'd look so confused as to why she couldn't get to the measuring cup... Snort.

lexa said...

Yes, the cat food thing is typical male. I'm sure mine would do the same thing except he's never filled the cat can with food. He maybe filled their dishes, but never the can I keep the food in, and he's been around now for like 11 years. Two of my cats are 13, and one will be 11 in the fall, so that's a long time to never fill the cat can, lol!

Alisha said...

Okay...the scoop at the bottom has me dying...too darn funny!