Monday, June 15, 2009

Double Vision

It's amazing... I've got two projects off the needles.

First up is the Punk Pink Hedgehog.I stuffed it up and embroidered the face on it this weekend. The other two are stuffed as well, but I'm not that fond of embroidery so I've been putting off finishing them up. Normally I'd use buttons for the eyes, but this one is for a baby due in September, so no buttons she can chew off.

Next up... I finished my white shrugIt's the Peacock Plumes Bolero in Super 10 Cotton.

This is not the greatest picture but I'll get a better one when there is someone else here to hold the camera.

I made a few mods to the pattern... the body is 3/4 of an inch shorter. The sleeves are 2 inches shorter and I added a button band instead of ties.

And, since I'm a firm believer that buttons can make or break a garment, I skipped out of work early today to go to my favourite button store where I found these:So pretty. Of course... I ended up spending as much on buttons as I did on yarn for the shrug.... but I guess that's what I get for putting in eight button holes.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with it... and it will be perfect to wear to work. It's a very nice pattern (though I did have to fudge in the sleeves) and is a quick knit... If you had the time to devote to it you could finish it in a weekend.

Well, while I've got the momentum going for me, I'm going to go see what else I can finish up.


lexa said...

I have got to get the pattern for those hedgehogs, they are too cute!

Jeanne said...

Very cute hedgehog!

The shrug is very pretty - graet job! And pretty buttons too!