Monday, June 22, 2009

Elvis Lives!

It was another crazy busy weekend that didn't leave much time for anything.

On Saturday I worked at job #2... ALL DAY ( I hate that).... stopped at the grocery store to buy toilet paper... bought everything but toilet paper, then came home and crashed. I emailed Dave to stop and get toilet paper when he came, and he promptly forgot. It's a good thing I have a stock pile of Kleenex.

On Sunday, I had to take some photos for an event at job #1 and then we headed out to my grandparents farm. The tractor wasn't running right, so Dave got put to work rewiring it, while Nanny and I chatted. I forgot to bring my knitting, but I did entertain myself taking pictures of her dog, Elvis:
Elvis is a Jug (part Jack Russell, part Pug) and he's shaped like a propane cylinder with legs. He's got a great personality though and is my Nanny's pride and joy.

We ended up cracking open a bottle of wine with my grandparents after they introduced Dave to "East Coast Chicken Burgers" (a family tradition) and we didn't get home until late (and forgot to get toilet paper).

Despite the work and craziness, I did manage to finish up the hermit crab shell Saturday night.
I will say this pattern so far is really well written, but I did not enjoy Kitchener-stitching 135 stitches. I'm hoping to start on the crab tonight, but I've got a lot of cleaning to do so it may have to wait.

On the Angel Fish front. The eggs have hatched, and the babies are wiggling away hanging onto their egg sacks. There are about 40 of them (best estimate, they are all clumped up together so it's hard to tell) They should be free swimming in a couple of days.

Oh, and did manage to get toilet paper on the way home from work.


lexa said...


That dog is hilarious -- he's got quite the roly poliness happening. He's a cutie! When I was a kid the only dog I had was a black purebred pug. He died when I was in grade nine, didn't have another dog til we got Jewel in Jan/08, so it was a looonnngggg time.

Kitchenering 135sts! How tortuous. :)

Jeanne said...

Elvis is a cutie!

Love the hermit crab...and glad you finally got the toilet paper! :-)

Knitting Linguist said...

Yay for toilet paper! (how well do I recognize that cycle of forgetfulness?) I love the hermit crab shell -- what a very cool knitting project :)

Samantha said...

Aww, Elvis! I love your description of him. :)

Rhonda said...

Jug is a good description, but I would say more beer barrell.

Jenn said...

From Ron;
Mmmmm, East Coast chicken burgers. A bun, hot shredded chicken, some graveeehh. Reminds me of Kelso Beach, Ted & Graces, collecting beer cans on Grey Rd 17.