Friday, July 3, 2009


Well... I was hoping to present you all with a beautiful new baby blanket pattern today... but it's been delayed...

After many time-sucking rounds, I finally cast off around 1 a.m. last night... only to discover that I miscalculated my increases and the darn thing won't lay flat.... not even remotely.
Oh, it looks lovely folded up and hanging on my chair, but don't unfold it. After some technical discussions with Mom, we figure it can be salvaged and I just need to re work the border. I'm too depressed to rip it out right now, but probably Sunday I'll pull it back and try again. Sigh.

So what do you do when life's got you down?You take a deep breath.... streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch
..... and cast on for something else.

I should be working on some hermit crab legs (Dave's birthday is only 17 days away), but I really need to handle something other than acrylic for a little while. So... for today at least.... I'm being totally self indulgent and I'm casting on for....
....Debbie Bliss' Single Button Cardigan from Pure Silk Two.

I bought this book hoping to find a lovely pattern for the decadent five skeins of Pure Silk I snagged on Ebay.... only to discover that even the smallest top in the book calls for 6 skeins.... C'est La Vie.

However, Debbie Bliss designs some of the most classic, wearable garments out there, so I considered it an investment for future knits

And after another brief technical discussion with Mom, I discovered that all that lovely Zara I bought at the Tent in fact dk, not worsted like I thought (I really should read labels) and I was looking at all the wrong patterns. As soon as that fact was established, I immediately dug out my pattern book and decided the cardigan is perfect. Just something nice and simple I can slip on and wear just about anywhere.

So I'm off to it!


Rhonda said...

And you don't listen to instruction well, and you don't like to follow a pattern.
Did you get that second cat picture off the internet or is that the "Phantom Cat"?

Samantha said...

That's a pretty cardi. It will look nice on you. :) Sorry the blanket didn't work out.

lexa said...

Glad the blanket can be salvaged and not have to be frogged!

Alisha said...

Oh 1:00 am and that stress....defiantly a deep breath and stretch and start something self indulgent moment.

The cardigan will be amazing!

I hope you able to get the blanket just right.

Jeanne said...

Sorry about the blanket - it is pretty though!

Very pretty cardi pattern!