Saturday, December 26, 2009


I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

For my part, I really can't complain. Christmas Eve was spent with Dave's Mom and Grandma. They received the Pink Berry Hill socks, and Fan Shawl respectively and both seemed pleased. We got home just before midnight and crawled into bed, just before Santa arrived.

Christmas day we slept in until almost noon (a first for me - I was always the kid trying to get everyone up at 3 a.m.) and headed up to Mom's for 3 p.m. There was a whirlwind of present opening and a great dinner and then it was off to my grandparent's for a quick visit:
I love this pic... the oldest member of the family, my Papa, with the youngest (and cutest and baddest), my niece Rowan.

She, and her big sister, Paisley,...made out like little bandits. But I wasn't neglected by the Christmas faeries either. Some of the highlights include:Wicked awesome Knit Picks Harmony double points in larger sizes. These will come in handy with the Tosh cardi, as the sleeves are knit in the round.
A gorgeous set of new dishes. When I moved out, Mom was kind enough to give me her old set - which are about 15 years old. I've wanted a new set for a long time, but could never justify the expense. After all - there is nothing really wrong with old set - they are still very functional.

But this set is perfect - it's so me... at once rustic and trendy... and GREEN. You can't see it, but the glaze on the green is all crackled and so beautiful. I particularly love the bowls, which are nice and deep. Dave loves the mugs - they are super tall and sturdy - perfect for a giant cup of coffee in the morning.

Dave took me out for my present today. It actually wasn't our intention to go shopping - we both hate the mania of the whole Boxing Day thang - but he needed a pipe fitting for the cottage's new water heater, so off to Canadian Tire we went. We were just about to leave when we walked by the exercise equipment. I had asked for a recumbent bike, and we intended to go shopping for one in the New Year - after all the Boxing Week mania calmed down - but there it was, on sale:
We immediately put it together when we got home - which was interesting - we love each other dearly, but are well aware of our limitations when it comes to building things together - we both want to be in charge. But in the end we got it done.

It's a good size, and tucks against the wall and out of the way. When I want to use it, I just swing it around in front of the TV and peddle away! My goal is to be able to peddle through a whole movie almost every night - I don't have cable, or even an antenna - just my DVD player, so all I watch is movies.

And the best part about it? I can KNIT while I peddle!!!... How cool is that???


Abby said...

Very cool!

lexa said...

I never thought about being able to knit on the recumbent bike.... Hmmmm....

Halifax is an hour-and-a-half drive away from us. Hubs got up at 4am this morning to take his brother to Future Shop for their sale! Insane! They opened at 6am. BIL was after the 55" LCD HDTV, which he got. Hubs said it was insane, the people were everywhere. It was like that movie Jingle All The Way when Arnold S and Sinbad are trying to get that Turboman Doll! (He did get one of the tvs, too.)

Monika said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I have a recumbent bike in my basement too. I can't use it though, I've got bad knees.
I never go out a couple of days after Christmas, at least not shopping. :o)

Samantha said...

Nice! Exercise, knitting and dishes (food!) ... perfection! :)